God Mode, All Missions, Unlimited Ammo & Harmless Enemies

God Mode

Push [ctrl] + [alt] + [f9] at the same time for unlimited health.

God mode can also be achieved by editing the humanplayer.qvm file found in the IGI 2/humanplayer directory.

  1. Make this change before you launch the game.
  2. First, make a backup of this file so you can easily revert without reinstalling the game.
  3. Then, open the file.
  4. You'll find several variables under "max damage scale" which if  changed to a value of "0" will prevent you from taking damage.

Unlock all levels

Push [left ctrl] + [left shift] + [f9] at the same time while at the main menu. When you start the game, all levels should be unlocked so you can select any one to start on or replay.

Skipping Missions

Push [esc] during a mission to pull up the igi 2 menu and go to the "controls" section. Then press [prt scr] and it will send you to the next mission.

This can also be done by pushing [left ctrl] + [left shift] + [f12] at the same time. No need to go into the menu using that method.

Harmless Enemies

This cheat involves editing your IGI 2 gameplay files so that all enemies (with the exception of tanks and helicopters) ignore you.

  1. First, navigate to your install of IGI 2.
  2. Then Go to the "ai" folder inside of the "common" folder.
  3. Backup the current ai folder by copying it to another location.
  4. Then inside the ai folder, delete two files: default.gvm & squaddefault.qvm
  5. Copy the settings.qvm file twice and rename each copy to default.gvm & squaddefault.qvm (replacing the ones you deleted).

Note, you can also accomplish this by editing only the settings.qvm file:

  1. Again, create a backup of settings.qvm to a safe place before making any alterations.
  2. Then, with notepad or any other text editor, open settings.qvm
  3. Find the line "BaseData bool8 DangerTimeout[0..100]"
  4. Modify it to be "BaseData bool8 DangerTimeout[0..001]"

Make these change before you launch the game.

Unlimited Ammo

To do this, we'll need to modify a file. Make these edits before you launch the game.

  1. In the IGI 2 folder you'll find the humanplayer directory.
  2. Backup the humanplayer.qvm
  3. Open the humanplayer.qvm file with a text editor.
  4. Update the "AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 64" value to "AMMO_ID_MAKAROVCLIP, 99".
  5. Do the same thing for all the ammo variables after it as well.