Server Mods, Anti Cheat, Script Mods

Note that some of these only work with certain Half-Life mods, but they will generally work for most unless otherwise stated.  View the specific website for more info.

Server Mods Description
HL Stats The most used stats generator out there. HL stats is easy to use and looks great.
madQuery A brilliant web query script written by madCoder, which will allow you to output the status of your server to a webpage, along with querying other servers.
WebMod A script written by dJeyL to manage query your server from the web. Webmod also includes web-based management functionality.
AdminMod This mod will let you give people access to your servers, without giving access to rcon. It also lets you define users who can access the server, along with ALOT of other things.
AMX Mod AMX is another MOD that will allow you to write your own scripts with its own small scripting language. AMX is similar to AdminMod, but yet a whole world apart.
ClanMod ClanMod is a tool for Half-Life modifications like Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Front Line Force, Deathmatch Classic or Team Fortress Classic which helps administrating server with minimal usage of console commands.
StatsMe (CS Stats) Leave logs from all weapons (shots, hits on different parts of body, hs, kills, tks).  Announce various events. F.e.: NormalKill, HeadshotKill, KnifeKill, MonsterKill, Planting the bomb, Bomb counting down, Bomb defusing success/failure, Bomb droping/pick up. Announce score and best players in various categories at the end of each round.
MetaMod Metamod is a plugin/DLL manager that sits between the Half-Life Engine and an HL Game mod, allowing the dynamic loading/unloading of mod-like DLL plugins to add functionality to the HL server or game mod. Truely the backbone to most of the scripts out there.
Anti-Cheat Mods Description
HLGuard HLGuard is the latest server-side anti-cheat solution for Half-Life and it's many MODs. Originally developed under the name CSGuard by OLO, the HLGuard Project Team over at United Admins have been working hard at developing new techniques at detecting and blocking cheaters.
Cheating Death Cheating-Death (C-D) is an anti-cheat system which includes both a server and client. Unlike HLGuard, which is a server-side only anti-cheat, C-D offers more protection by blocking the cheats themselves before the player joins the server.
Scripts Description
Private Players This server plugin will allow you to decide which players can play on your server, by entering their WONIDs or IPs into a MySQL database or a text file.This can be very useful if you're a website that has one or several servers and only want registered people to be able to connect.
MatchMod M4 (MatchMod for MetaMod) is software geared towards clan matches (but can very well be used outside of tournaments as well). As of now, it is just a tool using a MySQL database and a PHP web interface that takes the pain out of administring clan wars.
WarCraft3 Mod Warcraft 3 is an AMX plugin SpaceDude. At the start of the game you are given a choice of 4 different races, each race has 3 basic skills to choose from as well as an ultimate. To gain access to these skills you must get experience by killing enemy players and completing objectives.
SuperHero Mod Just think Superheros in CS, Its now possible, you can have punisher with unlimited ammo!, Nightcrawler walk through walls, Iron Man have a rocket pack, human torch Flame Thrower!
ChickenMod Chicken Mod is a script which will allow you to transform players in to chickens. Bawk Bawk! Chicken mod is something for you if you're growing bored of CS and would like to spice thigns up a lil.
SpeedStrike Speed-Strike is a particular way of playing Counter-Strike : 2vs2 players, small maps with no hostages and no c4. Please visit this concept's creators' website for further information.