Console Commands - Multiplayer

Command Default Description
bottomcolor 6 Set bottom (pants) color of your player model [Flags: ai]
clientport 27005 Set default client port for connecting to a server.
cl_allowdownload 1 Enable download of maps, models, and decals on joining a server if your machine doesn't have them. Set this to 0 if having MP problems.
cl_allowupload 1 Enable upload of maps, models, and decals on joining a server if server doesn't have them. Set this to 0 if having MP problems.
cl_cmdrate 30 Set number of times per second client updates server. (30 is modem speed; try 50 for LAN or between for cable modems, etc)
cl_dlmax 128 Set max number of KB to download from server.
cl_download_ingame 1 Enable downloads during a multiplayer game. (May cause significant lag)
cl_fixtimerate 7.5 Set fixed time rate.
cl_gaitestimation 1 Enable player stepping estimation. Disabling stops "ice skating" but might increase perceived lag.
cl_hightrack 0 Make spectators follow highest-scoring player.
cl_latency 0 Set client latency.
cl_lb 0 Enable client-side blood decal prediction if cl_lw is set to 1.
cl_lc 1 Enable lag compensation. (server must have sv_unlag 1)
cl_lw 1 Enable weapon animations and sounds. If cl_lc is 1, set this to 1 as well.
cl_nopred 0 Disable client prediction.
cl_rate 9001.204 Set rate client sends data to server (bytes/sec). Try 1000-4000 for modem, 6000-9000 cable, up to 20000 if T1. Incorrect values can increase lag dramatically.
cl_resend 6 Set number of times to resend lost packets.
cl_shownet 0 Display network packet numbers.
cl_spectator_password 0 Set password for spectator access.
cl_timeout 305 Set inactivity time before client is disconnected.
cl_updaterate 20 Set number of updates client requests from the server per second.
connect "[IP address]:[port number]" Connect to server.<PORT>
coop 0 Enable co-operative play mode.
disconnect   Disconnect from a multiplayer game.
fakelag 0 Simulates more lag at increasing values.
fakeloss 0 Simulates packet loss at increased values.
getcertificate   Authenticates Half-Life CD key without joining server.
graphheight 64 Set height of net_graph display.
ipx_clientport 0 Set client port for IPX LAN game
ip_clientport 0 Set client port for TCP/IP LAN game
list   Lists local servers (via slist)
name 0 Set client player name.
net_graph 0 Display useful, but lag-increasing graph of ping, lag, packet loss, etc. Try net_graph 1, net_graph 2, net_graph 3.
net_graphpos 1 Position netgraph on screen if net_graph is active. 1 = right, 2 = center, 3 = left.
net_graphsolid 1 Enable solid-drawn graph if net_graph is active.
net_graphwidth 192 Set width of net_graph width.
net_scale 5 Set net_graph's vertical scale.
net_showdrop 0 Display packets dropped from network.
net_showpackets 0 Display network packets.
pingservers   Display ping numbers in the server list (instead of green/red dots)
port 27015 Set default connection port.
pushlatency -50 Set pushlatency. Preferred value is -0.5 * your ping.
reconnect   Reconnect to current server (if not connected).
retry   Try to reconnect to current server four times.
showinfo   Display all packets.
slist   Search for local servers.
topcolor 30 Set player model top (shirt) color.
upload   Upload client files to connected server.