Console Commands - Audio & Video Variables

Command Default Description
ambient_fade 100 Set in-game distance where ambient sounds fade.
ambient_level 0.300 Set ambient sound level.
bgmbuffer 4096 Set CD audio buffer size.
bgmvolume 0 Enable CD audio.
cd   'cd stop' stops CD music. 'cd loop X' plays track X. (1-16 on HL CD)
hisound 0 Enable high-quality sound (1=22kHz, 0=11kHz).
loadas8bit 0 Forces low-quality sounds if set to 1.
nosound 0 Disable all sounds if set to 1.
room_delay 0 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_dlylp 2 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_feedback 0.520 Echo feedback level.
room_left 0.010 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_lp 0 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_mod 0 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_off 0 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_refl 0.900 In-room echo level.
room_rvblp 1 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_size 0.060 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
room_type 18 3D sound variable (specific function not known).
snd_noextraupdate 0 Disable other sound system checks. If you have sound trouble, try setting to 1.
snd_show 0 Show sounds as they get played if set to 1.
soundfade [parameters not known] set sound fade properties.
soundinfo   Display stereo channels, samples, samplebits, speed, DMA, and sound channels.
soundlist   Display list of sounds loaded in memory.
stopsound   Stop current sounds.
suitvolume 0.250 Set HEV suit voice volume.
s_2dvolume 0.880 Maximum 2D sound volume. (May be A3D only.)
s_a3d 0 Enable A3D support.
s_automax_distance 30 Set distance for maximum sound volume.
s_automin_distance 2 Set distance for minimum sound volume.
s_bloat 2 Trick to scale polys to fill in gaps, if any. (A3D 2.0)
s_buffersize 65536 Set sound buffer size.
s_disable_a3d   Disable A3D support.
s_distance 60 Adjusts in-game distance units to meters. The higher this number, the closer the sound is. Range is 0 to infinity.
s_doppler 0 Adjusts doppler effect. Range is 0-10.
s_eax 0 Enable EAX support.
s_enable_a3d   Enable A3D support.
s_geometry 1 Enables sound geometry rendering. (A3D 2.0)
s_max_distance 1000 Max distance from player before rolloff is no longer applied. Range is s_min_distance to infinity.
s_min_distance 8 Min distance a sound is from player before rolloff is applied. Sounds closer than s_min_distance are at max volume. Range is 0 to s_max_distance.
s_numpolys 200 Setting this to 0 is the same as turning s_geometry off. Valid range is 0 to infinity. (A3D 2.0)
s_occfactor 0.250 Transmission value of matter. Less sound passes thru objects at lower values. Range is 0-1.0.
s_occlude 1 Enable sound occlusions. (A3D 2.0)
s_refdelay 4 Delay between sound and nearest reflection. Range is 0-100. (A3D 2.0)
s_refgain 0.400 Adjust gain on each sound reflection. Range is 0-1.0 (A3D 2.0)
s_reflect 1 Enable sound reflections. (A3D 2.0)
s_reverb 1 Enable reverb.
s_rolloff 1 Adjust rolloff (when rolloff is increased, the effects of distance on sounds are increased). Range is 0-10.
s_verbwet 0.250 Control reverb wet/dry mix (higher is wetter). Range is 0-1.0. (A3D)
volume 0.800 Set in-game volume.
_snd_mixahead 0.100 Set sound mix-ahead value.
bitmapfonts 1 Enables easier-to-read bitmap fonts.
brightness 1 Enable glare reduction. Higher values are brighter.
cl_gibcount 4 Sets number of gibs that fly out when an enemy explodes
cl_giblife 25 Sets the number of seconds that gibs remain before disappearing.
cl_gibvelscale 1 Sets the scale factor for gib graphics.
cl_showfps 0 Display frames per second if set to 1.
fps_max 72 Set the max frames per second that the game will try to render.
gamma 3 Set video gamma level.
gl_affinemodels 0 [unknown, possibly Voodoo-related]
gl_alphamin 0.250 Set minimum alpha level for objects
gl_clear 0 Hides cracks/faults between textures if set to 0.
gl_cull 1 Enable rendering of visible objects only.
gl_d3dflip 0 Enable reverse-order rendering (D3D).
gl_dither 1 Enable color dithering.
gl_dump none Shows data about video card.
gl_flipmatrix 0 Enable crosshair fix for 3DNow! 3DFX MiniGL only.
gl_keeptjunctions 1 Allows slight cracks/faults between textures.
gl_lightholes 1 Enable light holes.
gl_log [name of log] Write graphic debug messages to log file.
gl_max_size 256 Set max texture size.
gl_monolights 0 Create uniform light source, no shadows.
gl_nobind 0 [Unknown; replaces textures with letters/numbers]
gl_nocolors 0 Disable colors (OpenGL)
gl_overbright 1 Enable max brightness mode.
gl_palette_tex 1 Enable paletted textures.
gl_picmip 0 Set game rendering quality (0,1,2). Higher is lower quality, faster.
gl_playermip 0 Set player rendering quality (0,1,2). Higher is lower quality, faster.
gl_polyoffset 4 Set polygon offset.
gl_reporttjunctions 0 Enable texture T-junction gap logging to console.
gl_round_down 3 Set texture size rounding-down value. (Higher means faster, lower quality)
gl_smoothmodels 1 Enable model smoothing.
gl_spriteblend 1 Enable sprite blending.
gl_texels   [unknown]
gl_texsort 0 Enables brighter textures.
gl_wateramp 0 Enable amplified water waves.
gl_zmax 4096 Set maximum size for z-buffer.
gl_ztrick 1 Z-buffering trick -- may speed up game or may cause stuttering
host_speeds 0 Enable display of current FPS.
interp   Enable frame interpolation.
lcd_x 0 [unknown]
lcd_yaw 0 [unknown]
lightgamma 2.500 Set lighting gamma value.
r_mirroralpha 1 Enable reflective textures.
sizedown   Decrease screen size (does not work on all video cards).
sizeup   Increase screen size (does not work on all video cards).
texgamma 2 Set texture gamma level for textures.
vid_d3d 0 Enable Direct3D support. If you have OpenGL, leave this 0.
vid_describemode   Display video mode settings.
viewframe   Enable wireframe display (OpenGL only).
viewmodel   Enable model display.
viewnext   Select next model.
viewprev   Select previous model.
viewsize 120 Set view size.