Server Console Commands

These commands are server side. Another words only admins will be able to use them.

If set to 1, this command will remove one reinforcement for a team kill. At 0, there will be no penalty for the team. default: 0

The amount of data which is stored in server logs. 0 will log basic events such as connects and disconnects, 1 will log connects, disconnects, objectives, triggers, and kills. 2 will log everything, resulting in enormous log files. default: 1

sv_useskills x
-- Replace x with 0, 1, 2, or 3
---- 0 will disable the skill system.
---- 1 will use the rank advance mode. Whenever a player goes up in rank they will be awarded a skill (default).
---- 2 will allow players to choose 4 skills upon joining the game. You will not be able to obtain more. This can be ideal for clan matches.
---- 3 will give all skills to all players. This also can be ideal for clan matches.

mp_friendlyfire x
-- Replace x with 0 or 1
---- 0 will disable friendly fire. Team mates will not be able to harm each other (default).
---- 1 will enable friendly fire. Team mates will be able to harm and kill each other. If constant team killing occurs, server will kick offender and close their copy of half-life.

sv_maxspeed x
-- Replace x with any number. Firearms 2.8 default is 250.
---- 222 is recommended lowest speed for realistic, tactical (teamplay) games. Speeds below 222 may not register footstep sounds.
---- 250 is recommended for most games (default).
---- 270 is recommended for faster games.
---- 290+ is recommended for very fast games.

sv_airmove x
-- Replace x with 0 or 1
---- 0 disables people from changing direction in mid-air. Good anti-bunnyhopping measure.
---- 1 enables people to change their direction in mid-air (default).