Server Console Commands

hostname "name"
hostname is what you want your server to be called and appear as in gamespy
sv_password "pass"
this is the server password, usually used for a private or locked clan match server. Players can not enter if they don't know the password
sv_spectator_password "yourpasshere"
this is the spectator password, usually only used if you allow spectators (non players) to join. Usually not a good idea
rcon_password "password goes here"
this is the remote console password, this allows a player to adjust the server in midgame, load a new map etc. NOTE: this also would let them do bad things if they are not trustworthy

Server Variables specific to dod (and some other multiplayer mods)

mp_friendlyfire 1
this turns on and off friendly fire (means you can hurt team mates) It is semi redundant as the mp_teamplay command can also control this with finer detail, but i believe it is required as well
mp_teamplay 174731
this is the teamplay variable. it will always be atleast 1 as dod is a teamplay mod to set this variable you add the values of the effects you wish to have

  • 1 = teamplay on (always set this on)
  • 2 = teammates take half damage from direct weaponfire
  • 4 = teammates take no damage from direct weaponfire
  • 8 = teammates take half damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 16 = teammates take no damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 128 = teammates armor takes half damage from direct weaponfire
  • 256 = teammates armor takes no damage from direct weaponfire
  • 512 = teammates armor takes half damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 1024 = teammates armor takes no damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 2048 = you take half damage from direct weaponfire
  • 4096 = you take no damage from direct weaponfire
  • 8192 = you take half damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 16384 = you take no damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 32768 = your armor takes half damage from direct weaponfire
  • 65536 = your armor takes no damage from direct weaponfire
  • 131072 = your armor takes half damage from explosive weaponfire
  • 262144 = your armor takes no damage from explosive weaponfire

A common setting to deter team killing is 1 + 4 + 16 + 256 + 1024 + 2048 + 8192 + 32768 + 131072 = 175381
Therefore in this example you type: mp_teamplay 175381
Changing this setting so that YOU are damaged when you fire on your teammates raises the game to a different level making you more accurate and cautious since you will only hurt yourself.
mp_mirrordamage 174731
currently not implemented in DOD but causes same effects as above
mp_autocrosshair 0
server sets crosshairs, not the same as autoaim, it effects the sprite the player sees for a crosshair i believe this will cause all guns to have the default little yellow HL crosshair
mp_flashlight 1
this allows players to use flashlights
mp_fraglimit 0
the sets a fraglimit and ends the round when reached (not good to use in dod) example mp_fraglimit 10, round would end when a team reaches 10 frags
mp_timelimit 25
this is the length of time a map is played before rotating to next map
sv_allowdownload 1
this allows or stops the server from sending maps to players when they dont have the map this can save alot of bandwidth and reduce servers lag 0=no 1=yes
sv_allowupload 1
this allows or stops the server from downloading custom logos etc from the clients this can reduce lag by turning it off 0=no 1=yes
sv_cheats 0
this is just what it sounds like , it toggles on and off server side cheats. For gods sake leave it 0
sv_maxspectators 0
this is the max number of non playing clients your server allows unless you have a strange reason for doing so set this to 0
sv_maxrate 6000
this is the MAX RATE for client connections to your server. it is determined by dividing your bandwidth by the max_players if you set this real low you will force LPB's to play like 56kers say 2200 to 2600. use this if your server is on a cable or dsl line to keep LPB's from sucking up to much bandwidth 6000 or so works good even on a t1 6000 keeps the bandwidth spread out fairly evenly
sv_minrate 0
this sets the minimum rate a client will connect at. if you set this too high say 10000, HPB's wont be able to play, it will lag them off
decalfrequency 30
this is the delay between spraying logos, you dont want players logo spamming and it eats bandwidth and server clock cycles set this to atleast 30 seconds or higher
fakelag 0
this creates some fake lag on the server PLEASE set it to 0 its really useless except for testing
fakeloss 0
same as fakelag but for loss
pausable 0
SET THIS TO 0 ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! setting this to 1 allows every and any moron to pause your server in mid game, and it pauses it for everyone

Physics settings

sv_accelerate 10
this is a player 0 to 60 time so to speak. its the delay between being stopped, to running full tilt
sv_aim 0
this turs on/off server aided aiming. keep it OFF, it lags server to hell
sv_airaccelerate 10
this changes how a player moves when he is in mid air speed wise lowering this makes being in the air like being stuck in mud, raising it can make players streak through the air like bullets set this to 100 and jump into the air, youll see what i mean
sv_airmove 1
this controls the players ability to move at all when in the air (like turning looking etc)
sv_friction 4
this sets the environmental friction against player movement, this basically deals with being on open ground or air water has its own modifier
sv_bounce 1
this toggles bouncepads on and off. a bouncepad is like a trampoline, though the map MUST contain one for this command to do anything
sv_clienttrace 3.5
sets the client bounding box for collisions dont toy with this, or you'll have clients that cant shoot eachother, OR people that die if you fire a gun within 10 feet of them!!
sv_clipmode 0
this toggles client clipping on and off if i remember right this controls whether players can block players or not. if set to 1 i think players will walk through each other
sv_stepsize 18
this sets the stepsize in the world, the larger this is the steeper an angle the player can climb setting this really high would let players walk up walls
sv_stopspeed 100
this is the speed in which you stop after letting off the move keys
sv_maxspeed 650
this is the clients maximum running speed in units per second. dont set it too high 650 is close to average real world movement
sv_wateraccelerate 10
sets the player acceleration while in water dont make this too high, or water will seem unrealistic
sv_waterfriction 1
this sets the friction against movement when underwater gives you that nice floating affect
edgefriction 2
this is the friction level when a player contacts an object such as a wall etc setting it too high will make them sort of stick to walls and walk really slow
mp_falldamage 1
toggles realist fall damage modeling, turning it off allows player to jump off tall structures and not die (no fun at all)
mp_footsteps 1
determines whether or not player HEAR footsteps in game 0 would make them all deaf
sv_gravity 750
sets the world gravity 800 is default but most clan associations sanction 750 to be correct

DoD Extra settings

sv_unlag 1
this turns on or off the netcode, leave it set to 1 unless your on a fast lan
mp_respawntime 5
this is the delay in seconds between death and respawn. set this wisely. not too low but not 20 seconds either

Allies Team Limiting

mp_limitallieslight 8
limits number of light infantry (garand toting guys)
mp_limitalliesassault 3
Limits number of assault infantry (thompson toting guys)
mp_limitalliesheavy 2
Limits number of heavy weapons (BAR toting guys)
mp_limitalliessniper 1
limits number of sniper (Ho's with the scopes)

Axis Team Limiting

Same as allies above
mp_limitaxislight 8
mp_limitaxisassault 3
mp_limitaxisheavy 2
mp_limitaxissniper 1

mp_chasecam 0
right now this is hard coded in dod, later this may be able to turn off the forced chasecam which might reduce server load/lag
log on
This allows server logging (limited in DoD right now to player joins and kills)
mp_logfile 1
this tells the server whether or not to write logs to file
mp_logmessages 1
this tells the server to log client messages to file as well this is not yet implemented in the DoD beta1.1 code
logaddress 27010
this is used for remote logging apps and irc stat bots, it is the IP and PORT of the recieving application what exact application is a different subject