Spending half my life waiting for Half-life 2: Episode 3

Let me start by saying that I consider myself to be a rather patient person. But even I have a limit. In May 2006, we were promised episode three of Half-life 2. It was expected to be released at the end of the following year; in time for the Christmas of ’07. It is now ten years later, and here I am: still waiting.

At around year two of my wait, I figured I needed to find some other great games to play while I waited for episode 3. But after the awesomeness of Half-life 2, episode 2, all other FPS games I tried, really paled in comparison. A friend told me I should play online slots at Euro Palace. And wow, what a great idea! There are three things I especially like about the slots offered over at Euro Palace. Firstly, the themed slots are pretty cool. Some of my favorites include the Dark Knight Rises, Terminator II, Tomb Raider, and Jurassic Park. And the second thing that really appeals to me are the video slots. They have extra bonus games that really enhance the playing experience. And the last aspect that has me sold is the new player welcome bonuses that are offered. Not only do you get 100 free spins, but you also get $500 free in matched bets.

So, the really cool slots do keep me entertained –do not get me wrong. But I am still yearning for episode 3. And after radio silence, we heard something from the creators back in 2012. And a lot of us got needlessly excited. We got some vague and diplomatic response about the delays. Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve who produces Half-life, had said in an interview that they know how the last episode ends, but alluded to technical problems being the obstacles. In the meantime, we as the fans are left to our own devices. Some amazing fan generated art and videos have been created. The most notable being this fan made fictitious trailer for episode three. We’re hoping that the developers at Valve see this, and get some more inspiration too!

Some people have given up hoping for the release of episode three –but I, for one, have not. Yes, ten years is a long time to wait, but I have to think that if the project had been benched entirely, a statement would have been released to the public. I am an eternal optimist though, and I do at times have a sinking feeling in my chest that I may be wrong about this one –something that is hard to admit. In the few years following the announcement of episode 3, Valve always said that they were still working on the game, when they were asked about it. However, now, in more recent years, the replies tended to be more on the cagey side, and it has not been explicitly stated in a while that the team at Valve are still working on Half-life 2’s third episode. We will have to continue waiting, it seems.