Half-Life 2 +14 Trainer - Trained by spookie


All options are toggles except the checkpoint save/restore options.

+ F1 : Infinite Health
+ F2 : Infinite Energy
+ F3 : Infinite Ammo
+ F4 : Rapid Fire
+ F7 : Save Position
- F8 : Restore Position
+ F10: Disable Z-Buffer
+ F11: Wireframe Mode
- F12: In-Game Menu
+ 7 : One Hit Kill
+ 8 : Invisibility
+ 9 : Super Jump
+ 0 : Super Speed
+ U : Infinite AUX Power
+ I : Disable APC Rockets
+ O : Infinite Boat Ammo


This trainer was made with the original release of HL2 via Steam.
At the time of release no updates for HL2 have been released, but
when one does surface the trainer will probably no longer work.
If you don't want the automatic updates, right click "Half-Life 2"
in your "Play Games" Steam window and goto properties... then select
"Do not automatically update this game" in the "Automatic updates"
option. Enjoy :)

In-Game Menu
Gives you a lovely in-game menu to remind you of the options
available, and show you which ones are currently in effect.

This is made using a Direct3D hook for Direct3D9, but I think
it's possible the HL2 engine doesn't always use d3d9.dll, and
it depends on what your graphics card supports. Either way,
the trainer will work as normal, except the menu, and the
"Disable Z-Buffer" & "Wireframe Mode" options won't work.

To use the menu, you MUST put the trainer executable in the
same directory as hl2.exe and you MUST run the trainer before
you start Half-Life 2. Once the trainer is running, run the
game normally - you don't need to use the "Run Game" button.

Infinite Health
Does what it says on the tin. Gives you infinite health.

Infinite Energy
Gives you a constant 999 suit energy.

Infinite Ammo
Gives all weapons infinite ammo. This also makes the crossbow
firing faster because it doesn't need to reload on every shot.

Rapid Fire
This is a really fun option. It makes all automatic guns fire at
an amazing rate. The secondary fire on the sub machine gun is
great fun, but make sure you've got infinite health on! Also check
out the Magnum with this on... It might seem unusable, but if you
hold down fire, you can clear a room in seconds :p

Save Position
Saves your position so you can get back to that point later. For
example when you've got to go through a base full of enemies just
to press a button, then you've got to come back through... Use this
before you go into the base, then use the next option to get back.

Restore Position
Restores your saved position. If you've not saved a position and
you use this option, it will have no effect.

Disable Z-Buffer
This option disables the DirectX Z-Buffer, which gives the effect
of a wallhack in-game.

NOTE: This option will ONLY work if you followed the instructions
for the in-game menu at the top of the NFO. If you decided to play
without the menu, the rest of the trainer will work fine, except
for this, and the "Wireframe Mode" option.

Wireframe Mode
This option puts the whole game into wireframe mode... You can see
through walls etc. Be amazed at the amount of polygons that make
up this very cool game.

NOTE: This option will ONLY work if you followed the instructions
for the in-game menu at the top of the NFO. If you decided to play
without the menu, the rest of the trainer will work fine, except
for this, and the "Disable Z-Buffer" option.

One Hit Kill
Kill your enemies using just a single bullet from the glock :)
Be warned... This will kill ANYONE except you with just one bullet
so be sure to turn this off when you've got friendly people about.

Enemies won't see you coming with this option. Makes you totally
invisible to all enemies, except the Barnacles it seems... but
then again, they don't have eyes, they just feel you with their
tongue :p

Super Jump
Just like in my Doom 3 trainer, this is a smooth, and very super
jump :D I've made the jump velocity just enough so you won't get
hurt when hitting the ground after jumping.

Super Speed
Makes you move like lightning. Great for getting through the
scary ravenholm as fast as possible :)

Infinite AUX Power
Gives you unlimited usage of the flashlight, unlimited oxygen,
infinite sprinting and anything else that might drain the
auxiliary power.

Disable APC Rockets
This stops the Combine's APCs from firing homing rockets at you.
I threw this option in when I had to go through all the water
levels a second time when my auto-save game got overwritten :(

Infinite Boat Ammo
Another option I made while going through the water levels again.
Simply gives your boat infinite ammo when you've actually had
the gun attached.