Bullet Time Slow Motion

Pushing down the b key makes you go "matrix" , everything slows down and when you shoot anything with physics it flies much farther than before. There isn't physics on bullets except crossbow, grenades, rpg and bugbait, so the other weapons' bullets wont slow down.


  1. Extract the bullettime.cfg to Youraccount/half-life2/hl2/cfg
  2. In game open up the console and type: Exec Bullettime.cfg


Change Log 

Version 1.1 changes:

  • Changed the speed a bit faster but also changed the physics to go slow on bullettime, this means that when shooting enemies they still fly as slow as it was in the last version, but you can move/shoot a bit faster than before, but so can your enemies.
  • Modified the Physgun, during bullettime it can drag objects from far away and shoot them with more force(the more force might not work, don't know why) also it can lift much heavier stuff, bad thing is you cant select some heavy stuff with the normal physgun, meaning that you cant actually lift more heavier stuff on most cases, haven't tested this much.