Gamegate2k.Com Redesign

As you can see, things are changing around here. Gamegate2k.Com has been long untouched because of my workload on other projects. It was time for a redesign, and with that redesign are new features which will allow the growth of this site in ways that it couldn't before. This is the first iteration of the new design and provides a core platform for additional features that we will be adding over the next few months. Our primary focus was to port over content, implement functional support for everything that already exists, and to setup design and navigation schemes. Future updates will be more aimed at new content and features which will grow the community. There will also be a few changes to Extreme-Gamerz.Org and MMORPGExposed.Com later this year in correlation with the upgrades happening here. We also have plans to develop a sister site that closly intergrates and works alongside Topsites.Extreme-Gamerz.Org (along with improvements to that system in general).