Gamegate2k Relaunches - 2013

New design, new features, new experience! Along with the design change, we've reorganized our content and created more intuitive menus with content that relates to the game you're in. Also we felt core game pages needed to provide clear insight via video example of whether or not you'd want to play something if you've never seen it before. This means game play reviews, or at the very least game play videos on the front page of every game you'll see here. Not just those "pretty" CG trailers, which for me don't help at all in making a purchase decision.

I'm also excited to announce that we're currently working on a new feature that will bring flash games as it's on section to this site. A very old version of our forums used to provide this and it was removed because of maintainability. Now by rolling our own exactly as we need it, those problems go away!

Also you'll notice that signups are closed. Apart from the forum and commenting your experience should be the same. We wanted to relauch what we had and are continuing to work on providing additional and old features.