Opening Intro

It was the 23rd century
Mankind's darkest hour
The war had been raging for almost a hundred years
We had been fighting for so long no one could remember the reason why it
started in the first place
All we knew there were two sides...
The Coalition and the Alliance
For decades, millions died for the same piece of rock
Again... and again...
Finally, one side manage to gain the upper hand
The Coalition...

In desperation, The Alliance launches five sleeper ships The hope was, for them to begin again, far for the wars strive that have befallen EarthTo start free from the prejudices that have divided us for so long Each sleeper ships was christened after its patrenation*

The Britonia
The Rheinland
The Hispania
The Kusari
The Liberty

Against all arms, the colony breaks through The Coalition blockade, and headed for the Sirius system

That was 800 years ago
When we came here to rebuild our lives
We've come a long way since then

We have grown
We have prospered
We have flourished
But, we will never forget...