Mission 9 - Kyoto, Chugoku

Meet Ozu in the bar of Kyoto. Get ready to accept the next mission

Mission 9 : Kyoto, Chugoku

Objective : Go to Ryuku Base

Ozu got some new info about Tekagi location. He's hiding in his fortress in some remote planetoid place with heavy guard (in Tohoku System)

Ozu is not telling Juni about this mission, it's only between us, he said.

But when you heading to Ryuku Base with Ozu, Juni finds out that you go on a mission without her. She tried to advice Ozu not to go, but Ozu resist. Tekagi is about to leave, we must do this now.

Arrive at Ryuku Base, Ozu's men reporting that Tekagi is going to leave his fortress. We must hurry.

Mission 9 : Attacking Tekagi's Fortress

Objective : Destroy the Patrol
Destroy the shield generator
Dock within Tekagi's Fortress

When you approach Tekagi's base, some Patrol blocking your way, destroy them, but be careful. They're fast and very dangerous, please act carefully, and mi-nimize any damage to your ship.

In front of Tekagi's Base, one Battleship protecting it. Ignore her, and all of the fighter, just concentrate on destroying the shield generator. I recommend you, while destroying it, use your after burner, and when you're close enough, find the right angle where the enemy can't shoot you and place your ship as close as you can to the shield generator (but don't collide with it) and start shooting. I'm using this methode, and it works.

Have another alternative? Feel free to contact me.

After it was destroyed. Dock within the Fortress. Inside the Fortress, Ozu and Trent killed every guard. Some plan, just shoot everything, Trent said. But  it's too easy, they manage to get the Proteus Tome without real fight. Ozu plant some explosive below the table, and...

I knew it, this is a trap, Neural Gas knocked out Ozu and Trent.

When they wake up, Tekagi (this fat man) doing some interrogation to Ozu. And he killed Ozu with his dagger!!! Suddenly, Tekagi's eyes is shining (he's no longer human). Luckyly, Hakkera coming and start shooting, but Tekagi is not dead, Ozu that I thought dead still live and detonate the bomb when Trent jumping to Hakkera's ship (after taking the Proteus Tome). Good job Ozu, you sacrifice your life to protect mankind.

Mission 9 : Return The Proteus Tome

Objective : Return to Kyoto

Juni already waiting out side the Fortress, together, head to Kyoto. Before

that, eliminate the Rheinland ship blocking your way (after the battle you've been through, they're toys to you)

Hakkera reveal some magnificent infos. Ozu is killed by Nomad. It seems this alien is the one that Rheinland expedition found in uncharted planet. They have the ability to posses human and all this time, they possessing the high rank government and military official in the colony. Go to Kyoto through the Chugoku Jump Gate.

More shocking that Hakkera knows this Nomad long before met Juni. And he said that the Order is founded to protect mankind from the Nomad. He also said that after found this planet, key position of Rheinland government is changing fast, and Rheinland become more aggressive.

That's why The Order destroy the Dunao, to prevent the high rank of Rheinland to posses the Liberty government.

Now, dock within Kyoto.

<<End of Mission 9>>