Mission 8 - Shinagawa, New Tokyo

This will be the shortest mission. Just one sub-mission, little fight, and nothing difficult. But watch your step.

Mission 8 : Shinagawa, New Tokyo

Objective : Meet Juni in Shinagawa, New Tokyo
Follow the waypoints
Destroy the weapon platforms and enemy fighters
Escort the Transport to the Nebula
Dock in Kyoto

Looks like Juni has something new. Lord Hakkera unable to retrieve the Proteus Tome, it was taken by Governor Tekagi, it seems that he can't do anything, be-cause his position gives him power and also limit.

But there's an alternative, we can join the opposition. Here, you met Ozu from the Blood Dragon (in my reputation, the Blood Dragon is my enemy, the chart is full of red block). The deal is, you eliminate Tekagi, and he'll get you the Proteus Tome in return.

The plan is to attack a transport ship near Honshu system, that deliver the Proteus Tome and other stuff to Rheinland. It seems that this Tekagi is going to defect to Rheinland (he's traitor to his country).

Now, head to space and follow the waypoints. We are not going through the Jump Gate, but through Jump Hole. On the way, 2 Blood Dragon escort join the convoy Ozu said the Dragons are few in number, but they're the best fighter in the colony.

(non sense, try to calculate the Blood Dragons I have killed during my search for credits)

OK, the plan is to attack the weapon platforms (2) around Yukawa station and kill all fighters (the station shape's like a cylinder cage, with the weapon platform on each hole and the transport ship inside the cage). Ozu said that once we manage destroying the platform, his men inside Yukawa station will take the Transport.

Please be careful, don't shoot or collide with the transport ship (there's one time I accidentally collide with the transport ship, it was destroyed, mission failed). After you eliminate the fighters, escort the transport ship to the nebula. Only minor trouble along the way, no problem.

Then we heading for Kyoto, the legendary home of the Blood Dragons. Juni said she was honored. No, the honor was all mind, Ozu replies. Dock within the Base

In the base, when you supposed to get the Proteus Tome, Ozu said that the Tome

is gone (it's not in the transport ship). Seems that Tekagi him self has taken the Proteus Tome.

Juni will search more info about this Tome, so, take some job in the bar.