Mission 7 - Leeds, Leeds

Mission 7 : Leeds, Leeds

Objective : Listen the conversation

Head to space
Kill The Rheinlanders

Few conversation took place. It seems that Prof. Quintaine have experienced the same thing like Trent and Juni, people around him starts to disappear one by one.

About the artifact, dr. Sinclair said that it was part of something bigger. (I wonder what that is). But the shop bell is ringing, someone is coming. Tobias checking it, it's 2 Rheinlanders, they were looking for Prof.Quintaine, and treating Tobias. No fear, Tobias ask them to leave his shop, or he will give them education for policy they'll never forget. They're leaving but left something like we won't be far. We're looking someone named Col. Kress, it's our best hope.

Trent advice Tobias to hide for a while. Now head to space. And I recommended you to fill your ship with nanobots and shield battery before you go.

After take off, Juni ask Trent is Tobias going to be all right, Trent said we better leave Tobias, because he will be in danger if coming with us.

When approaching the Trade Lane, 2 Rheinland ship decloaking (it's them). They said that you better surrender, and all way out from Leeds has been blocked. Kill one of them and the other will flee.

Mission 7 : Escape from Leeds

Objective : Take the Trade Lane
Eliminate all hostile

On the Trade Lane, Prof. Quintaine speaks, if Rheinland keep attacking in Bri-tonia space, this will lead to war. Dr. Sinclair adds, why the Rheinland able to block all way out.

Arrives at Stoke Mining Facility, more hostile coming, just kill them all.

Mission 7 : Outside Stokes Mining Station

Objective : Follow the waypoint
Destroy the cruiser and fighter
Take the Jump Gate

Stokes Station advice you to dock until the crisis gone. Negative, Juni said, we must leave Leeds immediately. Prof. Quintaine said we must go to Tau 31 to meet Kress. Juni also said that whatever waiting us, we must buy time for the Prof. an dr. Sinclair to jump.

Follow the waypoints like usual, then when you arrived at Jump Gate near the Glasgow Station, WOW, one battlecruiser and several ships decloaking. Juni gives you order destroy the turrets. Reinforcement coming, it's Tobias (ha...ha... this fat man is very surprising).

You have options here, destroy the fighter and avoid the Cruiser, or you want to destroy the Cruiser and then destroy the remaining ships. Destroying the Battleship will gives you a lot of trouble, but its fun. And up to you.

After all enemy ships destroyed, Tobias ask Glasgow Station to lock the Gate after we docking in. Glasgow Station agreed. Now, take the Jump Gate to Tau 29

When you take the Trade Lane (after you take the Jump Gate), new battleship with 2 gunboat plus several fighters decloaking.

More good guys gone, Tobias friend said he will hold them.

Mission 7 : Fleeing from to Tau 23

Objective : Dock within the Trade Lane
Take the Engine

Go take the Trade Lane, but it was disrupted by 2 Gunboats. Tobias said that he and Trent will hold them, while Prof. Quintaine, dr. Sinclair, and Juni escape.

Tobias asks you to destroy the engine. Actually, I just shooting the ship and make some damage, but it works. After it's been done, follow the waypoint and meet with your convoy again.

Dr. Sinclair ask if this attack have something to do with the artifact, Prof. Quintaine said it might be, but we must study the artifact to understand fur-thermore.

Mission 7 : Shinkaku Station

Objective : Dock within Shinkaku Station
Head to space
Follow the waypoints

Just dock and resupply, after that meet Prof. Quintaine in space. Quintaine said he manage to get Kress location.

Here, Tobias leaving. He said that he would be needed, if the war between Rheinland and Britonia begin. He ask Trent to protect them and find out what this is all about.
Quintaine also reminds you that Rheinland ships seen in this area. Right now, just follow the waypoints, careful, there's opening ahead.

Mission 7 : Engage the Rheinland Fleet

Objective : Destroy the Rheinland Fleet
Follow the waypoints
Dock within Cali base
Meet Razor One in Space
Dock to Planet Kyushu

ALL RIGHT!!! Real battle! Real challenge! Entire fleet of Rheinland army is decloaking! This is where your ability to fight tested. Don't think, but act! Kill them all. Kress's men will back you up.

I'll give you some advice :

  • Don't jump straight into the heat of battle. It's suicide! Lure them, and make them separate from the fleet.
  • Killing the fighters first, would be wise. But, if you do this, you might loose the fun killing the Cruiser (taken by Kress's men). If you want to test your guts, try to kill the Cruiser (first target), it will be much more fun (I try this myself).
  • When you try to kill the Cruiser, use different direction, don't use the same angle (remember when I told you I never use missile and torpedos? Well, I didn't use them at all! Not a single one!), and you'll be fine.
  • If the battle is too hard for you, play safe! Don't force yourself doing what you can't do. Avoid the Cruiser (Kress's men will do the job), and con-centrate on firing the fighters.
  • Use your nanobot and shield battery when you need them! Use them all if you have to!

After all been done, follow the waypoints along with Kress's men heading the Jump hole that take you to Tau 23. Apparently, Col. Kress is currently guest in Cali Base.

Dock within the Cali Base. When they tried to meet Kress, the guard holding them back and they start aiming their guns to each other. Thank God, Kress appears and make them calm.

Few conversation do happen. What interesting is that Kress is member of the Order (well, this is something new). Prof. Quintaine said to him that he need The Proteus Tome that held in Kusari. Kress will contact his man (Hakkera) in Kusari to get this stuff.

Now head to space to meet Razor One and dock within the Jump Hole. In this part, Juni said that she was originally came from Kusari, and it has been 10 years since she saw her homeland. By the look of her face, I knew this from the very beginning.

Head to Planet Kyushu and dock there to meet Lord Hakkera. But, bad news, the Proteus Tome can't be reached, it's heavily guarded and you must wait until they get this Tome.

(Actually, later in the mission, you must get this Tome all by yourself) Try to buy the Barracuda ship. It's great.