Mission 6 - Hood, Dublin

Juni said that there's progress in dr. Sinclair research, but there's a point she can't continue without Prof. Quintaine. Juni told Trent to meet with Prof. Quintaine's pilot, Dexter Hovis, in abandoned Battleship of Hood in Dublin system. I recommend you to buy a new ship in Battleship Dexter (near Battle

ship Hood), before you meet Hovis.

Mission 6 : Hood, Dublin

Objective : Talk to bartender about Hovis
Defeat Hovis in one lap race

After Trent talk to bartender, he meet Hovis, and asked him how to find Prof. Quintaine. But Hovis challenge you on a race, if you want the info. Hah, this guy wants to play the hard way. Accept his challenge and go to space and beat this guy.

OK, now you have to defeat Hovis. Use your Cruise engine (I highly recommend you to do this). When the race begin, activate the cruise engine. Along the race, there's no way you able to make your ship faster than Hovis, that's mean you unable to defeat him. But, near the end of race, his ship will slow down. I'm certain about this. You can pass him at that moment. Piece of cake.

Mission 6 : Hovis Lost

Objective : Meet Hovis inside Battleship Hood

Defend Station Glorious
Dock Within Station Glorious

You won. Hovis lost. But his friend don't take this insult. They're firing at you, but Hovis playing by the book and calm them. Meet him inside the Hood.

He said that Prof. Quintaine is in Station Glorious along with the Pirates. He also advice you to be careful, there's Rheinland activities around the Station.

Now go to Station Glorious. When you arrived, the Station is being ambushed by Rhenlanders. Help the Pirates defend the Station by killing the Rheinlanders. Hit the gunboat first. After the gunboat destroyed, you may kill the others.

After the fight, dock within Station Glorious.

Mission 6 : Quintaine foud

Objective : Meet dr. Sinclair in Planet Leeds
Defend Prof. Quintaine
Dock with Planet Leeds

It seems that Prof. Quintaine doesn't believe anything Trent said, and willing to kill Trent by throwing him to the airlock. But when Trent said he had the artifact that dr. Sinclair lost long ago, he starts to believe. Prof.Quintaine agrees to meet with dr. Sinclair in Planet Leeds, only and if only he's not alone (bringing his bodyguard).

Go to Jump hole that will take you directly to Planet Leeds. When you approach the Jump hole, several Rheinland fighters jumping in and start shooting. Your objective is to defend Prof. Quintaine at all cost.

After it's finished, take the Jump hole and dock within Planet Leeds.




I have the Problem, that after i kill the Pirates, the Docking is not activatet. What should i do?


same here.i defend the glorious and then i can't dock.please tell me for a fix.