Mission 5 - Cambridge, Cambridge

Objective : Meet Juni in Planet Cambridge, Cambridge
Meet Juni in space above Planet Cambridge
Follow the waypoint heading Planet Sprague

When Trent met Juni in Planet Cambridge, Trent and Juni will talk to someone (dr. Sinclair's pilot), apparently, he knew that Prof. Quintaine has been mis-sing for several years, and he told Trent that his colleague (dr. Sinclair) might know where he is. Dr. Sinclair right now is digging some artifact in Planet Sprague in Omega 3. This info might lead to the position of Prof. Quin-taine.

Now, head to space and meet Juni there. When you follow the waypoints, and arrive at Battleship Norfolk, she (BS. Norfolk) advice you to caution, because there's a conflict between the Britonia Empire and Rheinland.

Juni said that this entire conflict must be caused by the artifact, even Pres. Jacoby (leader of Liberty) ask the Queen of Britonia Empire to banned all arti fact. This must be something.

When you arrive at Freeport 1, they said that the Rheinland is making a block-ade in Omega 7 (they're way cross the line now)

Mission 5 : Route to Sprague

Objective : Eliminate all hostile
Dock with Planet Sprague

Just a few clicks from Planet Sprague, suddenly 4 Rheinland are decloaking and not answer to Juni's hail (from this scene, I begin to suspect that the Rhein-land are the mastermind behind the attack of Freeport 7, how about you?).

There's no other choice, kill them all. After that, dock with Planet Sprague. Juni is really surprised, even the LSF unable to gain the technology of

cloaking, how could Rheinland able to do it?

Meeting with dr. Sinclair, hmm, she don't know where Prof. Quintaine either. (where the hell is he?). Several years ago, dr. Sinclair artifact stolen by some one, and this accident makes her unable to meet with Prof. Quintaine.

The artifact that dr. Sinclair digs, came from Dome Kavash (is this the right spelling?), 10 million years earlier than human, and they're like us in the Sirius system, they're visitors.

Who cares about that, Rheinland ships are coming and shooting all over the place. Juni said to her 'You want to be live scientist in the run or a dead scientist on the ground?' (that won't be hard to answer, right?)

Mission 5 : Flee from Sprague

Objective : Head to waypoint in the nebula
Dock within Baxter Research Facility
Eliminate all hostile

Beautiful scene!! That was close, now head to the nebula, and dock within the Baxter Research Facility, only small talk, and Rheinland start firing again. We had enough, head to space and kill them all. Be careful, it's only few ship but one gunboat also there. I advice you to destroy the boat first.

Now we head to Leeds to meet Tobias, but suddenly, two Rheinland ships are de-cloaking! Relax, they're the good guys. Together, destroy the Fleet guarding the Jump hole lead to Leeds. While Juni head to Cambridge to find Prof. Quin-taine, but no luck.

Mission 5 : Route to Leeds

Objective : Dock with the Planet Leeds
Meet Tobias in the Equipment Room

He...he... looks like Tobias is kinda like teasing girls. Nothing important here, just do the routine stuff while you're free.

<<End of Mission 5>>