Mission 4 - Manhattan, New York

Mission 4 : Manhattan, New York

Objective : Follow the waypoints
Run...Run...and Run!!!
Dock in Benford Station

Meet Juni in Planet Manhattan. When Trent met her on the Launch Pad, she looks confused. She said Ashcroft is missing from maximum security prison, and all record about him are wiped out, all of the guard never heard about him. Walker also gone too. Trent said it's impossible, more shocking, Walker and his ship has been disappear for five years (this is a joke, right? We just met

him yesterday!), it seems that people around them are missing one by one.

Just seconds after Juni leaves, someone calling Trent, he's the other last survivors of Freeport 7. He said he's a thief and delivering something to Free port 7 (and he's holding it right now). Also, he said, that everyone is after something that he's holding.

(If your memory strong enough, see the scene where Trent first set foot on Planet Manhattan, he's far behind Trent)

Suddenly, he looks surprise, and BANG. He's dead. A member of LSF killed him. When he's about to kill Trent, Juni came to rescue. She had to kill this guy. Now head to space.

In space, Juni said that we have to get out of here fast, before they found the dead guard on the Launch Pad. But it's too late, LSF ships (all of them are heavy fighter!!!!) are coming from every direction. I advice you to acti-vate the Cruise Engine and just fly around the Planet until new waypoint appears. I said it once again JUST RUN AND DON'T ENGAGE WITH THE ENEMY !!!

King and Walker are coming to help. Then Walker ask you and King to go, while he hold the enemy (what a heroic act). Go to the waypoint, and dock when the range are less than 200m, or your ship will make an easy target for the enemy.

On the way, King said Juni and Trent are in the wanted list, for murder, arti-fact smuggling and etc (wow, changing from good guy to bad guy in one night!). In the badlands, they arrived at Benford Station, belong to Van Pelt, friend of Juni. Dock in the Benford Station.

After studying the artifact, Van Pelt said that the only person able to help them is Prof. Quintaine (hope this is the correct name), expert in Zeno  archeology in Cambridge.

Van Pelt said that people hunting you must have connection with the artifact (hah, tell me something that I don't know).

Van Pelt also advice you to go to Britonia because of their neutrality. But, suddenly a number of LSF ships are approaching.

Van Pelt orders you to leave the station and head to abandoned Jump Gate lead to Magellan.

MISSION 4 : After Meeting Van Pelt

Objective : Once again, Run...Run...and Run...!!!
Dock with the Jump Gate
Eliminate all hostile
Dock with Mactan Base
Eliminate all hostile
Dock within the Jump hole
Meet Tobias in the Equipment Dealer

Van Pelt orders you to leave, but Juni hesitate to help him (I don't get it, what the hell is she thinking!!!). Approximately 20 ships of LSF surrounds you Then 3 battleship jumping in and destroy the Station (goodbye Van Pelt). Now head to the Jump Gate. I recommend you to run and activate your cruise engine

from the very beginning of the mission, don't even think to fight the LSF, they would kill you in matter of seconds.

After entering the jump gate, head to the new waypoints, great, now the Bounty Hunters are blocking your way, same deal don't mess with them, RUN!!! The Lane Hackers will help you. Deal with the Bounty Hunters only if they're diminished to 2/3 ships. If necessary, don't fight, just run! Let the Lane Hackers do their job.

Actually, I feel shame here. Running is not my type, but the enemies are too strong, and I had no other choice ^^!

Right now, dock with the Mactan Base and resupply your ship.

When you meet with Juni outside, new hostiles are coming. KILL THEM (I had enough running like coward). Now go to the Jump Hole leading to Leeds, while Juni go to Cambridge to meet Prof. Quintaine.

After docking in Planet Leeds, go to the Equipment dealer to meet Trent's friend, Richard Winston Tobias (Tobias).

Tobias said that he will give you new ship in Planet New London, but I never get it (anyone could help me?)

<<End of Mission 4>>

Adrian Sandu gave some info :

Whe you meet up with Tobias at Leeds, Leeds System. He says he will help you get a ship at new london. An then he tells you not to worry you can afford it, 'cause he has been saving up a few credits. So he gives you the credits ( like 10 000) and the you go buy the ship from where ever you want.

And thanks for making the FAQ, the part about the afterburner (tab) really helped. LOL i was playing the game without afterburners, it got really hard once I got to Britonian space ^_^. Anways the afterburners made it muuuuuch easier.

Also Ryan Kountz gave this :

Good start. I noticed your question about the new ship in New London...You don't get a free ship, you just get extra cash from Tobias,
which you can then spend on a new ship.

Gigi also said :

notice that you have about 20k credits more after visiting. You are meant to buy a new ship (the cavalier i guess) from that money hope it helped you