Mission 3 - Entrance to Barrera Passage

OK, now meet Juni in Planet California Minor, California. Meet her in the Bar. She has new assignment for you (because I'm refuse to accept the job in the first place, the reward is decreasing from 4500 credits to 3000 credits). The job is really simple, escort the transport ship containing alien artifacts from Magellan Gate to Willard Station, where the LSF going to study them. The difficulty considered to be high risk.

MISSION 3 : Entrance to Barrera Passage

Objective : Meet Juni in Space above Cal. Minor
Meet with the convoy
Follow the waypoints
Defend the convoy
Dock in the Willard Station
Meet Juni in space above Willard Station
Eliminate all Rheinland fighters
Meet Walker in Planet California Minor
Meet Juni and Walker above Planet California Minor

Now, meet Juni in space. After that, we're heading to San Diego Border station to meet with the convoy. Join the formation with the convoy, and head to Barrera passage. There's 4 NAV buoy. But trouble does happen in the 3rd buoy. Protect the convoy. Destroy the Outcasts. Don't worry, Gamma wing in your side.

After it's been done, head to Willard Station. And dock your self there. I suggest you load your ship with the best weapon and shield generator. It's going to be though out there.

Right now, meet Juni in space above Willard Station. Travel with her to disco-ver more about the attack on transport convoy. What surprising is that Juni's CO (commanding Officer) is under arrest, and she can't contact all of her friends in the LSF. The only contact is King in Planet Pittsburgh, and Walker, leader of some (?) battle cruiser in LSF NAVY.

When you're heading to the Jump Gate, several Rheinland ship is blocking your way (what are they doing, and how they able to penetrate the sensors around every Jump Gate in the Liberty space?). They're not responding to Juni's hail.

Engage with them, and kill them all.

This is going more and more complicated. After the Order, the Pirates, nowRheinland, what the hell is going on? Why they all after the artifact.

Now, head to Planet California Minor, and meet Walker (leader of NAVY battle ship, also friend of Juni). Walker ask Trent if he wanted to join the Navy, Trent said no. After a few chat, meet Juni above Planet California Minor.

Juni said that Walker and his cruiser are waiting in the far edge of the pla-net. But, King is hailing, he said that Junis CO are indeed on prison, that there's a major shake in the high rank. King also said that he will find more info about what's going on.

Now head to Walker cruiser. Walker said that he has been ordered to dock for maintenance by his superior (I think this is a classic way to call someone, when you want to eradicate them).

Tommy's note :

Seems that there's some trouble in the game programming. Several people told me that in this part, the Rheinland ship just freeze, and do nothing. When you shoot them, mission failed.

Looks like you have to load the last save game. Try it, and if this doesn't work, try reinstall the game.

MISSION 3 : Respond to Station Willard

Objective : Got to Station Willard
Destroy the Gunboats
Destroy the Bomber
Destroy the remaining ships.

Emergency call from Station Willard. They're being attacked by Rheinland ship. Go there with the rest of Walker fleet. What a sight, 2 Gunboats and about 7-8 Rheinland fighters.

Destroy the Gunboat first. After you destroy it, (if you quick enough) 3 bombers will jumping in, destroy them before they can launch the torpedo. After that, eliminate the remaining hostile, and, viola, you achieved the next level.