Mission 2 - Manhattan, New York

After you achieved level 3, Juni will contact you. Meet her in bar of Planet Manhattan. I advise you to buy shield battery and nanobots before you accept this mission, but if you good enough, you won't needed it at all (that's me).

MISSION 2 : Manhattan, New York

Objective : Meet Juni in bar of Manhattan
Meet King in space above Manhattan

The LSF has new assignment for you, take it. It's 4500 credits in reward and moderate in difficulty. Your job is to find Sean Ashcroft and locate the alien artifact and prevent him from entering New York. Suddenly King said something, What about the bonus? Trent said: Yeah, what about the bonus. Ha...ha...ha... Looks like the bonus is access to all remaining Jump Gate. All right, later,After this mission, you can go around beyond New York.

When you heading for Launch Pad, Trent saw Lonigan, whose owe him some credits. Man, this guy looks paranoid. He said some government men were after him. Trent is not buying what he said, he wants his money. But Lonigan said easy come easy go (I like this guy!). Lonigan said it's not safe here, he advise Trent to go, but Trent doesn't understand why he must go. Then two guys came and shoot him with a tranquilizer dart and knock Trent out.

After few minutes, Juni wake him, real 'soft'. King ask Trent is he is OK, Trent said his chest is hurt, but he's OK to go. Now, head to space to meet King.

In space, Trent told King about Lonigan and his missing money (poor Trent). King order Trent to go to Colorado Jump Gate.

MISSION 2 : Outside New York

Objective : Follow Waypoints
Scan Cargo for Alien Artifact

Just follow the waypoints, dock into the Jump Gate. After that, King order you to scan ships (O) to find the artifact. Don't bother scanning all ships, just scan OE ship labeled unknown. After some 'aggressive negotiation' he'll suren-der, but he's not Ashcroft. Just a decoy! Not bad Ashcroft, not bad at all.

MISSION 2 : Head to Pueblo Station

Objective : Defend Pueblo Station

Juni gives you new waypoint, follow it and you'll end up in Pueblo Station. But the Rogues are attacking it. Defend the station at all cost. But it's very easy, you won't fail (unless you're so stupid). Apparently a tracking device has been planted on Ashcroft ship.

MISSION 2 : Chase Ashcroft

Objective : Chase Ashcroft
Track him into your cargo hull

Follow the waypoints, kill all hostile. But Ashcroft is getting away, King's Cruise disrupter is failing, chase him! When you close enough, ignore all hostile, your target is Ashcroft, destroy his ship and tracktor his pod. When this is done, you may eliminate all hostile.

MISSION 2 : Return Ashcroft

Objective : Return Ashcroft to Battleship Missouri

When you head back to Manhattan, King told you a lot of story, how the Rhein-land discovered a planet full of alien artifact. Not just ordinary artifact, But an active artifact (this is where everything started in the first place, you'll know this later in the game). When you pass the Jump Gate, Juni changes the plan to meet you, not in Manhattan, but in Battleship Missouri.

Hmm, the LSF really 'love' this guy. Looks like this Ashcroft knows a lot about this artifact. In Fort Bush, you're being ambushed, no problem, they're really weak. Plus you got back up from Fort Bush. Approaching Battleship Missouri, King received emergency call and then leave heading to Planet Pittsburgh.

Inside the Battleship Missouri, Juni gives you the bonus she promises you, Access to all Jump Gate in Liberty area. From the scene, you'll know that the LSF put big interest finding Ashcroft.

The LSF, Rheinland, The Order, and Ashcroft, what is going on between them? One thing for sure, this isn't something small.

Just like the last mission, now it's your free time. From now on the battle in space will be more challenging. I'll give you some tips when you engage with enemy ships.

- Use your after burner (Tab) often.
1. When you're in head to head position with enemy ship.
2. When you're pursuing enemy ship.
3. Especially when the enemy shooting at you.

- Move in random direction when you're being pursued with more than 2 enemies.

- Eliminate the highest rank. They are dangerous, ignore the small fish. After you destroy the high rank, then, and only then, you may kill the others.

- If you unable to defeat the enemies, don't hesitate to run.

- About missile and torpedo, countermeasure and mines, I NEVER USE them. Maybe you could give some advice how they work. 'Coz I think laser beam is more than enough.

- Always equip your ship with the latest weapon and shield generator. They may expensive, but it will help you a lot. And of course, the latest ship.

- Mix your weapon. Don't concentrate on one type of weapon. Mix the molecular, positron, and graviton.

- Use your shield battery only if your shield is almost gone. Not entirely gone, you hear me. But if your hull is breaching, USE your nanobot, although it's only minor damage. If you not do this, the repair cost is going to sky high.

- Don't use Cruiser Engine in the middle of combat, it's useless, enemy will

shoot you with the Cruise Disrupter. Better use Trade Lane, Jump Gate, Jump hole or dock within Planet or Station. And of course, use after burner.

- If you want to Dock within planet or station or entering Trade Lane, Jump gate/hole in the middle of combat, make sure you're close enough (about 200m or less) then dock. Try it from distance and BOOM, you're history.

- Always tractor the remaining of enemy ship after you destroy them.

One more thing, before you continue/ accept the next mission, make sure you have visit the system map where you're allowed to go. All of them. I repeat, ALL OF THEM. Always do this when you have free time after completing mission.

<<End of Mission 2>>

Some advice from 'Xtra' :

To put you straight, if you haven't found out already (dont know when your walkthru was updated on gamefaqs)

- torpedos whip the shit out of battle cruisers and weapon platforms.

- missles are quite powerful, for use against anything really, torpedos are their big slow brother

- mines you can use to quite dammage a ship that does a head on run at you, pull up and drop a mine, usually hits them

- countermeasures coax enemy missles to them, say if you want to use your cruise speed in battle, drop coutnermeasures when you hear "incomming missle" and they hit the countermeasures, and not your ship.

But Nicholas Fraser had another idea :

I find this a good strategy

If you buy 1-2 weapons with very high shield damage and Javalin Missile Launcher 1-2 and plenty of Missiles (Depends Where You are in game) and the when you get an enemy on radar fly towards him and when you get the + crosshair Fire you shield guns and 1-2 secs after fire the 2 javalin missiles because by the time they reach the enemy he will have no more shields and POOF