Mission 13 - Toledon, Omicron Alpha

All things to power up the artifact collected. It's time to see the thing that has trouble us from the very beginning since the accident of Freeport 7.

Not bad, looks like this artifact is some kind of Star Map. Territory map of Dome Kavash Empire. Look at that, at least several galaxy seen in this map. (try to compare with human, they always fighting each other in this tiny pla-net called Earth).

Many lines appears, they're some kind of hyper gate, transport to take them to the very edge of their territory in short time. We must activate this gate to hold the chance of victory against the Nomad.

Mission 13 : Toledon, Omicron Alpha

Objective : Destroy Nomad Battleship
Dock to Planet Toledon
Dock within the Osiris

Suddenly, the Nomad attacking Planet Toledon. they're firing the surface. We must buy time until Prof. Quintaine manage to turn this artifact into weapon. Head to space, wow, so many of them. Just concentrate on firing the battleship

Seems that if you're close to the battleship (around 100m), your friends will attack the ship for you (I'm not 100 % sure about this, but it seems true).

After that Land on Planet Toledon. Prof. Quintaine manage to change the arti- fact into weapon. Now head to space, and go to waypoint. Ignore the enemy. And then dock within the Osiris.

Mission 13 : Land on the Osiris

Objective : Enter the Nomad Jump Gate
Destroy the Nomad Shield Generator
Enter the Barrier
Destroy the Shield Generator

Prepare yourself. The fate of humankind lies before us.
There are 4 groups,

Trent lead the Alpha
Orilion lead the Beta
Juni lead the Gamma
(sorry, not sure the last one)
But it seems that Von Claussen is leading the last one.

Head to space and then go to the Nomad Jump Gate. It's guarded with one battle ship and several fighters. It just warming up for the next objective.

Enter the Jump Gate. What's that, a huge wall in front of you, compare with planet in front of you, this barrier is extremely big. There's 4 shield gene- rator, to break into the barrier, you (Alpha team) must destroy all of them.

Hints :

  • Ignore the ships, just concentrate destroying the shield generator.
  • Put your ship as close as you can to the shield generator, but don't collide with the shield generator.
  • The best position to destroy the shield generator is about 45 degrees in south altitude (corner side of the shield generator)

From this side, enemy fighters can't shoot you, and the turret damage behind you is not a threat to your ship.

Enter the barrier. MY GOD, this barrier is made covering a star!! It purpose is to capture all energy from the sun. I have no idea how they made this and when human capable to do this.

There's a giant city inside the barrier. We're unable to make contact with it. It's protected with several number of shield generator. Destroy 2 of them and mission accomplished.

Try to destroy the shield with the same trick when you destroy the shield gene rator outside the barrier, but the angle is not 45 degrees. But from the purple light. You see that purple light? Put yourself there, and then approach your ship as close as you can to the shield generator.

When you manage to destroy 2 of them. Trent will shoot the weapon given by Prof. Quintaine and then, some kind gate opened and sucking all Nomad.

<<End of Mission 13>>

Congratulations you have beaten the game.