Mission 12 - Osiris, Omicron Beta

Inside the Osiris, Juni said it's possible for some people to change the world Yup, I believe that!! How 'bout you?

President Jacoby said that we need a miracle to save humanity. Don't worry my lady, I'm at your service.

Ho...ho...Juni offers you a kind of mission you like, don't think twice, just take it (although it seems this is going to be another suicide mission you're going to get through)

Mission 12 : Osiris, Omicron Beta

Objective : Get Nomad Power Cell

Seems that the artifact need another thing before it can be used. Nomad power cell! You see, there's 4 items to activate the artifact : the artifact itself, the Proteus Tome, the thing that dr. Sinclair dig (some kind paper) and last, but not least, the Power Cell.

A very easy mission. Because Intel said there's no activity in this abandoned Nomad base. Go through Nomad jump gate, take the Power cell and get back to Osiris (piece of cake).

But when you launch, problems start to appear. You only have 9 minutes to accomplish this mission, due to unstable of Jump Hole to get us out the system (only 9 minutes to get in and get out).

Approaching the abandoned Nomad base, shock, the base still active (so, this mean there's heavy resistance) and you have to destroy 3 power generator before you able to get inside the base (damn the Intel)

Do your best. In this mission I did a stupid thing, I forgot to resupply my ship with shield battery and nanobot (I only have 12 nanobot), so in this part I'm struggling half dead to protect my ship.

Mission 12 : After Entering the Nomad Lair

Objective : Take the Jump Hole
Dock within Planet Toledo

After you tractor the power cell (B) get out and head to the Jump Hole. You may use the Cruise Engine, but make sure there's no Nomad interceptor behind you, or it's useless.

Seems that communication with the Osiris disturbed. Just after you take the  Jump Hole, huge number of Nomad ship attacking you, don't worry, Von Claussen came to help you.

Nomad ship are weak, they don't have shield. Problem is, they cover their weak ness by number. Expect heavy resistance.

After all been done, land on Planet Toledo, secret base of the Order.

<<End of Mission 12>>



i have a question for moment i am in omicron beta can someone please tell me the coordonates to omicron minor please