Mission 11 - Osiris, Texas

We have come along way my friend, a very long way. Congratulations, but the finish line is yet to see.

In the Osiris, Juni said that we must move our place of research and experi- ment. WOW, they all gather in this ship!! Trent, King, Von Claussen, Hakkera, and Juni. Plus one new man, leader of the Order Gasper Osrilien. He was part of the LSF, but get out when his CO infected by Nomad, an he founded the Order to safe human kind by killing Nomad.

This mess it all started when the Rheinland discovered uncharted planet, and found Nomad on that planet.

You see, Nomad is weak physically, but they have the capability to enter other live form and controlling the host, then adapt their technology. Of course,  they have their own technology, cloaking device is one example.

Tommy's note :

I'm receiving letter about this mission. Seems that they misunderstood with the first sentence I wrote in this mission. THIS IS NOT THE LAST MISSION.  And please, you may mad to me, but read the warning above, this FAQ is full of spoilers. Please use 'soft' language when you talk to me, don't throw all of your 'madness'.

Mission 11 : Osiris, Texas

Objective : Fly to the Jump Hole
Dock within Buffalo Base
There's news about President Jacobi, she's being held by his Counselor in  Alaska system, you must rescue or terminate her if the situation is not possible (if she's infected). Yup, the leader of Liberty is a woman.

Right now, Hakkera is leaving. So this mission runs by Juni, King, and Trent. But first we must head to the Jump Hole. After you pass the Hole, go to Buffa-lo Base and dock.

We're going to meet Walker here. Yes, he's alive. You do remember Walker don't you, the man that helped you get out of Manhattan, former leader of NAVY.

Mission 11 : Buffalo Base

Objective : Destroy the Satellite

Too bad, Walker can't assist you, he must join attack in the Badlands. This is just a simple mission, destroy the Satellite, so the Orilion and Osiris can operate undetected in New York.

I advice you to terminate the fighters first, then the satellite. They're so annoying when you try to destroy the satellite.

Mission 11 : Route to Zone 21

Objective : Protect the Gate
Get through the gate
Dock within Prison Station Mitchell

Now you must go to Jump Gate heading to Alaska. Good, Walker join with you. The Gate is currently locked, defend the gate until Juni unlocked it. Be careful, like when you destroy the satellite, their weapon is very powerful.

After Juni manage to open the Gate, take the Gate and head to the Prison. Dock in there. Some event happen, the Counselor try to 'plant a seed' into Pres. Jacoby. Luckily, they manage to prevent it. So stupid, Trent just stand when
the Nomad try to 'get' the President. But Juni able to wake him and kill the guard. Not bad, the President her self killed the Nomad.

I take some President word, when she killed the Nomad,
'burnt you son of a b****'

Mission 11 : Flee from the Prison

Objective : Defend the Order ship
Take the Gate
Fly to Buffalo Base
Dock within the Osiris

When you try to get through the Gate, 2 LSF battle ship, undefined enemy fighters are blocking your way. You have to protect the Order ship, but they are so many. Walker had to destroy his ship to kill 2 battleship. Goodbye Walker, and thanks for your heroic act.

After you get through the gate. You must go to Buffalo Base, but right now things get worst, 4 battleships in your way. They said if you hand over the President, your life will be spared, right~, King said.

There's no way you able to defeat them. Luckily, the Osiris decloaking near  your position. Hurry, dock with the Osiris.

<<End of Mission 11>>