Mission 10 - Kyoto, Chugoku

Objective : Meet Juni in the Bar
Meet Hakkera in space
Head to Planet Berlin

In the Bar, Hakkera said that his agent in Rheinland in terrible danger and need to be extracted from Rheinland. While Juni delivers the Ptoteus Tome to Prof. Quintaine and dr. Sinclair, you must go Planet New Berlin and rescue this man.

In space, we'll go to Sigma-13 that will take you to the New Berlin, but you must be careful, the Rheinland fleet reported massing in this area.

Mission 10 : Destroy the Rheinland Heavy Fighter

Objective : Eliminate the fighters
Enter the Jump Hole
Dock in Planet New Berlin
Follow Fischer

It's them, the Rheinland fleet! Destroy the fighters, not the Cruiser. Don't bother messing with the Cruiser, it's not part of the mission. After it's fi-nish, you will passing place full of remnant of the remaining ship from battle between Rheinland and the GMG (hmm, 80 years of war, what happen?)

Enter the Jump Hole and dock in Planet New Berlin. In the bar, two guys tells you where is Von Claussen. Head to space and follow Fischer passing waypoints.

When you pass the Jump Gate, Hakkera said that you can't go back to Kusari, the Rheinland has invaded Kusari. And we only able to meet in Planet Hamburg.

Now, meet Von Claussen in this water planet.

Mission 10 : After Meeting Von Claussen

Objective : Fly to Bruchsal Base
Protect Bruchsal Base
Dock within Bruchsal Base
Follow the Waypoints
Destroy the Experimental ship

Before you escort Von Claussen he wants to go to Bruchsal Base, but it's under attack! Don't let it destroy, help them eliminate all Rheinland fighters.

When it's finished, and you dock in the Base, Von Claussen said that Leader of this installation (Bruchsal) is a good man in the Badland.

Von Claussen said he had to betrayed his country in order to save it. Trent makes me proud when he said he's willing to finish what Von Claussen started.

OK, there's news that Rheinlnd army is conducting secret installation. But be careful, this place is full of radioactive and mine. Intel said the only way in and out only 100m in width.

Your mission is simple, only destroying 1 battleship of the alien ship. But be careful on the way there. It's full of mine and radioactive. Always monitor your ship health, and repair when it's necessary.

The trick for destroying the battleship is to get close to the ship and use it's giant body to cover you from the fighters attack. Then, when you secure enough (found a proper place) shoot the ship, not a single shield battery needed when you use this trick.

When you about to leave, Botzler willing to stay and make them pay for what they have done (although I consider this act as suicide), and he died. Before he died, he ask Trent and Von Claussen to leave and tell everyone what they've seen. FOR RHEINLAND...!!!

Be careful on the way back, just like the way you in. Don't use Cruise Engine and take you ship's speed about 50. Take the Jump Hole to Hamburg System.

Mission 10 : After the Experimental Shipyard

Objective : Dock within the Osiris

Only few seconds after jumping in, Rheinland battle cruiser decloaking! Thank God, this mission objective only docking to the Osiris, don't waste your breath attacking the battleship.

<<End of Mission 10>>