Mission 1 - Manhattan, New York

MISSION 1 : Manhattan, New York

Objective : Look for a job in the bar
Talk to Jun'ko Zane
Meet Jun'ko in the Equipment Dealer

There is some icons in the middle top of the screen
Pentagon Icon : Launch Pad
Beer Glass Icon : Bar
Commodity Stuff : Commodity Trader
Wheel (?) : Equipment Trader
Ship : Ship Trader

Click on the Beer Glass Icon. After a few words with the bartender, he recommend you to talk to Jun'ko Zane, so, talk to her. Ups, looks like you  interrupting some important conversation, but it's all right. After that, meet her in the Equipment Dealer, she'll give you a standard Ship(I called it Junk  Ship, very useless). She offers you a job for 2000 credits, take it and then  go to Launch Pad and Launch to Space to meet with Michael King, your CO  (Commanding Officer). After you launch, there's a chart consist of three windows.

Left : Mission Objective Waypoints
Middle : NAV Map
Right : Mission Objective Details

Read them carefully!

MISSION 1 : Avenge The Donau

Objective : Destroy The Hostile ships

Few seconds after later in space, King explain about your mission babysitting food and supply ship from Fort Bush to Planet Pittsburgh. But when RNC Donau ship passing by, some ship from The Order destroy it.

We cannot tolerate this. Kill them! This mission is very easy, you'll have a lot of friends on your side. So, basically it's just a target practice, and adjusting yourself to the ship control and movement. Remember to use tractor beam (B) after killing every enemy ship, you'll get, sometimes, valuable loot.

After that, go to the Trade Lane heading to the Fort Bush and dock (I always think that Trade Lane is some kind of minor jump gate).

MISSION 1 : Join The Convoy

Objective : Fly to The Transport USV Brandt (using formation maneuver (F4))
Eliminate Rogues
Re-enter Formation
Dock with Planet Pittsburgh

Fly to the USV Brandt using the formation maneuver (F4), after a few chat, you'll understand that The Order is targeting people from Rheinland to meet with the Liberty President, why? Basically, The Order is the bad guys and you (liberty) is the good guys (until now, at least). But when you're inside the Trade Lane, the Rogues are disrupting your jump. Kill them all (only 5-6 ships) but after that more ships are coming, King order you not to engage with the enemy, so DO IT, don't engage with them! Join the formation with the USV Brandt and re-enter the Trade Lane. After closing Planet Pittsburgh, it seems that King have some deal with the USV Brandt, hmmm, very suspicious. But he said that he will tell you later. Right now, dock to Planet Pittsburgh using Planet Pittsburgh Docking Ring.

MISSION 1 : Pittsburgh, New York

Objective : Meet King in space above Planet Pittsburgh
Enter formation with Epsilon 1
Eliminate all hostile

In the landing zone, King told you that he suspect The Order have a secret base nearby, and need your help to destroy it. After that he told you to meet him in space.

Before you meet him, I recommend you to go to the Equipment dealer, buy weapon level 2 and go to Commodity Trader and sell some loot. When you're ready, go to Launch Pad and Launch to space.

Apparently, King is waiting news from Fort Bush about location of Liberty Rogue secret base. Some ships will join your search party, enter formation with Epsilon 1.

Suddenly you hear message from XT-14 Prison Ship, they're under fire Go there and destroy all hostile, King warns you to protect the prison ship at all cost. Don't let the Prison Ship destroyed, but this is a simple job, you'll never fail this one.

MISSION 1 : Continue The Search Pattern

Objective : Go To Waypoint
Help Beta 4

King orders you to go to the new waypoint. Just follow his order. Suddenly Beta 4 calls for help. Help him by killing all hostile.

MISSION 1 : Beta 4 Report

Objective : Go to Waypoint
Destroy Weapon Platform

Go there! Remember that there are two weapon platforms and one base plus some ships (around 6-7). After killing 2/3 ships, concentrate on shooting the weapon platform. Use medium speed (around 50) and shoot, they'll never damage your ship (TRUST ME). After that, Delta Wing torpedo bomber will destroy the base.

MISSION 1 : Criminal Base Destroyed

Objective : Return to Planet Pittsburgh

Return to Planet Pittsburgh. On the way, King said that he'll be seeing a lot Of you in the future (he he, I bet he is)

OK, you're free from now on. So, I suggest you to fly around New York and make some credits, you can do this by trading (I don't like it, because I'm a war freak, not a trader), but if you want to do this, first thing to do is collecting credits by looking a job in the bar (same thing isn't it?) and buy a freighter ship.

I recommend you NOT TO DO THIS, using a freighter ship is suicide when entering combat, they're slow like hell. OK, not on early mission, but try using it in later mission, you'll be dead before you blink your eyes (except, if you only use it for trading and then buying a new fighter ship when going on a mission)

So, try to look a job! A job that suit and simple, like killing a person or capturing criminal. Want more challenge? Try killing a group of bandits. Want a very challenging situation? Look a job that offers you to destroy a base or a weapon platform.

Or you're a peacekeeper? Try to mine asteroid. But I consider that person to be cowardly weak. Suit yourself.

Keep this in mind. If you accept a job that order you to kill a person, or a group or even only capturing them, you'll making friend with group giving you that job, but YOU MAKING NEW ENEMY with the victim you kill or capture. In this situation, a phrase that speaks "Enemy of your enemy is your friend" applied. So, be wise.

One more thing, buy a new ship when you able to do it. Try to buy it in battle-ship, always have the best ship, this applied in other system too.