Level 10 Guns & Locations

The weapons in caps are LEVEL 10 WEAPONS. You can find more info on the High Level Weapons as well, but this will provide you with a basic locations table for quick reference. The objects are located and marked with a red cross somewhere within the sector given.

Use your nav map to pinpoint the exact location. This is by no means a full list but a small guide to find at least a few.

Object System Sector Bounty
Bounty Hunter Fighters Omega 11 4C  
Volsung Omega 41 4D ARCHANGEL
Independence Omega 41 4D Diamonds
Red Hessian Fighters Corsair Fighters Omega 5 5E
Corsair Fighters Omega 7 5C  
Outcast Fighters Omicron Alpha 4F  
Pathfinder Omicron Beta 5E WILDFIRE Gunslinger Mk 1 Paralyzer Missile
Hosho Maru Omicron Beta 4E Adv Starbeam / Adv Starbeam Turret
Vengeance Omicron Gamma 5C GUARDIAN Gunslinger Mk 1 Paralyzer Missile
Rebel Omicron Theta 6E THOR'S HAMMER Gunslinger Mk 1 Paralyzer Missile
Old Imperial Navy Fighter Sigma 13 5C DIAMONDBACK Wasp cruise Disruptor Countermeasure Flare Drone Mine
Old Imperial Navy Fighter Sigma 13 5C JADE Wasp cruise Disrupter Countermeasure Flare Drone Mine
Mongoose Sigma 17 6E Blue Blaze Paralyzer Missile Gunslinger Turret Mk 1
Hien Sigma 19 3E Sunblast B / Skyblast Turret A
Menorca Sigma 19 6F Angelito Mk 2 / Artifacts