Finished The Game? Things To Do Next...

I personally put this game away for several months after I beat it because I couldn't get past level 30 leveling up...So what was the point of playing right? Its not like I'm missing out on any new experiences. Then I discovered Mods available for the game. I thoroughly enjoy the Rebalance Mod and Evolution Mod. Check out for the Evolution Mod. Its probably our favorite out of the two. There are plenty others I have yet to try though so give them all a test to be sure your happy with the one you choose.

There is also a lot of fun in finding better gear (Level 10 Guns & Locations) that will be in places you likely have not explored yet. Even better, there are several other ships that provide more configuration options with additional slots and cargo room.

You can also find some Mods at Lacersreactor

WARNING: Some of the mods and downloads will of course ruin the game if you haven't yet completed it.. so be warned!