Before you play the game, I recommend you learn the shortcut, and control of the game, believe me, it's worth the effort. For you, I listed the important things to remember, such as:

F1 : Menu List
If you want to start a new game, load game, access the menu, or exit the game

F2 : Go To
Go To marked target, used when flying a ship (FaS)

F3 : Dock
Docking to a marked target, such as planet or a space station (FaS)

F4 : Formation
Enter a formation with a marked ship (FaS)

F5 : Open Log (Star Icon)
View the current mission, mission log Can be accessed when flying a ship or when landing in a planet or Space station (FaS & L)

F6 : NAV Map (Map Icon)
View the star map, also viewing your mission destination, mission objective, and waypoints (FaS & L)

F7 : Inventory (Inventory Icon)
View what your ship is holding (FaS & L)

F8 : Reputation (Human Form Icon)
View your reputation to another group or colony, green for friends, white for neutral, red for enemy. Also your current level, next level requirement and money. Also view the total mission, kills, time, system and base visited, and jump hole found (FaS & L)

F9 : Current Information (Letter I Icon)
View the Information available for marked ships, planet, and base That you currently visited. Notice that system or a planet or a base and ship you never see or visited before is not available. (FaS & L)

Movement Controls
W : Increase Throttle
S : Decrease Throttle
Z : Engine Kill
X : Reverse Thrust
Shift+W : Cruise
Tab : Afterburn
A : Strafe Left
D : Strafe Right
Space : Toggle Mouse Flight

Weapons Control
Mouse 2 : Fire Weapons
Q : Launch Missile
E : Launch Mines
Shift+Q : Launch Torpedo
Shift+E : Launch Cruise Disruptor
C : Launch Countermeasures
G : Nanobots
F : Shield Battery

View Controls
H : Turret View
V : Rear View
Ctrl+V : Change View

Targeting Controls
R : Closest Enemy
Ctrl+R : Next Enemy
Shift+R : Previous Enemy
T : Next Target
Shift+T : Previous Target
Ctrl+T : Clear Target

Misc Controls
Shift+B : Tractor Beam (One Item)
B : Tractor Beam (All Items)
O : Scan Cargo
N : Display Current Objective