Ship & Gun Cheats

Faster Torpedoes
When doing any missions where you have to use torpedoes, to make them move faster and lessen the chance that they get hit, just turn on your afterburner, fire the torpedo/s and then go back to normal speed and the torpedo/s will hit the target much faster.

Cheap ship
The "Anubis" class Order Very Heavy Fighter is easily one of the hardest vehicles in the game, and the best bit is that its DIRT CHEAP!

To get it, just follow the game storyline. During the mission which will make you Level 18, you will use a jump hole, and come face to face with the Rheinland flagship, which you have zero hope of beating, really. lucky for you, another ship uncloaks and orders you to get aboard. this ship is the Order flagship, the Osiris.

On board the Osiris, you can buy Order equipment, including the Anubis fighter, which is far and away the best ship class you can get until you are level 24, and it only costs 1,100 credits.

There are better ships, but you need to be level 24 to get those.

Level 10 Weapons
You can buy a ship that will take level 10 weapons at Freeport 9 in the Omicron Theta system ( You get there via Omega 7 to 11 to 41. Look for jump holes)
If you need cash to buy your ship try meteor mining in the Dublin system. You can fill you hold with gold in about 30 minutes and then sell to in New Berlin.
Happy hunting!

The way To Get A TITAIN
To get a Titain you have to Planet Crete (the Crosair\'s base).If you cannot dock fly to Freeport 9 I think theres a cheat for that then keep doing missions and keep talking to the bartender or anybody elese with a rep. fixer then when the say The Crosair\'s no matter what the terms accept.
P.S. You have to have at least 800,000!

Cool Guns, and Lvl up
message: Once you have killed the "nomads" and finished the game (sort of). Go to "sigma 13" (its a border world) check your nav map and you should see some small red "X"s these are abandoned ships. shoot them with your weakest weapon and you will get up a level and get a cool Lv10 gun. don't shoot them with a powerful weapon or you'll destroy them. Don't worry about your rep the ships don't belong to any one.