9 Cheat & Tips

Make The Game Easy
Remember to backup file before changing

Open PerfOptions.ini file located in your Freelancer game folder (usually here: C:Documents and SettingsuserMy DocumentsMy Games or just navagate to your "My Documents" folder from the start menu.) with notepad or a similar text editor and change the following line:




Find Hidden jumps and bases
When you are looking for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your Nav Map, then select the "Show Patrols" map. The lines that appear show popular paths that the AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out beyond the normal trade-lane traffic of a star system will lead to a hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole. Fly out to where the line leads to and turn on the "Solars" option on your targeting computer. You will usually find a place of interest. However, in places with reduced sensor ranges you will probably have to rely on visually looking for something. Also, to find all the paths, make sure to look at the "neutral", "hostile" and "friendly" paths in the patrol paths map. Be wary of stumbling upon an enemy's base.

No wait for Jump Gates
When you try to enter a jump gate and someone else is in front of you, just enter a formation with the person heading in and there is no line, although you do lose the formation and slide sideways right before going in it works.

Hidden Jump gate!
First get the PerfOptions cheat on (at 0.00) then fly into ZONE 21, and search g5 for a jumpgate. I don't know if the nav map will find it so you will have to find it visually.
Note - the jumpgate is to the Alaska System.

Hidden System
This hint should only be attempted by high level pilots. First, fly to the Ommicron Gamma system. This system is completely controlled by the Corsairs, and contains their home planet, so be wary.

First enter omega 3 by whatever system is available first - cambridge or omega 7.
once in omega 3 find the omega 5 jump hole in sector 7D.
in omega 5 find the omega 41 jump hole in sector 5E.
in omega 41 there will be a jump hole titled "Unknown Jumphole" in sector 2f go through it.

when in the unknown system there are two planets:

  1. Primus in sector 5C (this is controlled by monkeys)
  2. Gammu in sector 6F (this is controlled by robots)

Surviving fights
Asteroids and space stations are invulnerable. It doesn't matter what you hit them with, they'll just soak it all up. Try using space stations and asteroid fields as cover to hide from the lasers until your shields restore themselves.

Beating Hovis - Mission Race
Really isn't that hard and you can beat him with any ship, I did it with the freighter from britonia, took me two try's, I bounced off a ring the first time, and of course lost that one. All you need to do is hold down your thrusters when you hit start, and then go straight for cruise engines, he will probably get ahead of you in the beginning, but he makes some wide turns in the last quarter, if you on his rear and take it to the inside you can beat him.

Finished The Game???
At the end of the game you can do what ever you want but I suggest you get to a really high level then gain a good rep towards corsairs then go to planet create in omicron gamma system and buy the best ship in the game the TITAN. You can have any weapons you want on it.

Junker Base
In the trial version (this might be true for the full version as well) there is a secret junker base called Rochester base. You can buy barrager guns and turrets here as well as commodities like gold, silver, niobium etc which are not present on other planets or bases. The base is located in sector 3C. Make sure you are at least neutral to the junkers before docking. If you are friendly towards them you could accept jobs as well.



"titan" is not the best ship in the game guys it has got a bad maneuverability making it an easy target i suggest you go for the eagle in omicron aplha from the corsiors it has a high maneuverbility rate and has the same amount of firepower as the titan...u dont even need fire power though as the best weapons in the game are nomad weapons and they require no energy what so ever