Halo flare


Well this thread was emty so might as well get it started with a neat little trick me and my friend found in halo. First make sure you have 2 or more plasma grenades and throw one anywhere. after that as soon as you can throw another in the exact same place. the first one will blow up sending the second high into the sky and the the second one will blow up high up where anyone can see it. also another neat trick is that you throw 2 plasma grenades on your foot and than before the first one bloes up jump and shoot right beneath you with a rocket launcher. the rocket will shoot you high up and the first grenade should blow up at roughly the same time so if you did it right you will get a really high explosion jumpy thingy and in mid air blow up again

Correct me if i'm wrong, but the goal of the game is to stay alive, right? :p

ya thats the noob way of playing :p lol jk
but ya this is more for just screwing around in multiplayer

i tried the that with the p-gern/rocket launcher... it worked, it rocks. wow dude good find ;)