Burnout 3 :)


This has got to be my most FAVORITE racing game out there now. just got it the other day and been playing it in one hour chunks constantly when i get the chance.....if only there was enough time in the day.

if u have an xbox and havent gotten this yet...do so!

for those of you who already do, id like to hear responses! I love this game!

Played it at a friends. Its for sure on my buy list! good game 9/10

yep, i enjoy it too

better than burnout 1 or 2... unfortunatley it has the same problem as the previous versions....

it gets very boring after a few weeks..!!

Matrix, dont complain about only playing it for an hour or so. Playing it for longer will only result in it getting very repetative very quickly!!

Having said that, i'd give it 8 out of ten. sorry FlyByFurby but it loses another mark in my book simply because you cannot configure the controls. Whilst I don't mind this, some friends of mine wont play it because they do not like the control setup, so this has to be a bad notch in my book. Otherwise, yep, i bought it :)

Something worth a mention is that the guys behind Burnout 3, working on NFS Underground 2... that should be good! love the demo on the PC, it will DEFINATELY be on the buy list for Xbox... sure there wont be the crashing like in burnout, but there is more depth and "story" so to speak..

Next up is Halo 2!!! YAY YAY!