Ps2 Silver Tape(core)


OK, i'm new to the forums. But i thought it was a good site so i am asking this question. I have my ps2, and the silver tape, that connects the base(the panel with power button and eject button) has come off, resulting in me not being able to turn the system on...resulting in not being able to play. Havent taken it in yet, since i am getting the X360 here soon. So i thought its not worth the time yet, but it could always be a simple thing to fix. So..any technical peps out there that can help, shoot for it.

It's been forever since I've heard this problem lol, but usually you can just put the ribbon back where u stripped it from. Check where it came out from and make sure you dont have to pull anything or push anything to have the ribbon go in. Pictures can solve problems faster than words. :)