GTA series


hey does any one want to vote on this poll

Ya i'd like to try that out as well...for now I voted for GTA Vice City.

wouldnt 4 being vice city
and 5 be san andreas?

i dont care for any of the new ones "ohh look at the violence its so fun" meh
2 is where the action was at, with that oh so loveable gang meter and overhead action

you see, thers this guy i hang out with and he says he has san andreas on lay-away. yeah right. it's realesed in oz in november. hes just a big fat liar!!! :mad:

I took a vote towards Vice, but tell you what, san Adreas is looking tight as hell, The levels are just soo massive, I can hardly wait! :D

o..wait...tight and massive... :D

I have played all the GTA and i did not like the 1 or Vice City one but the new one that is out now. I have got and i think it is ok but I think there could be more coming

Ya, if you've voted once you wont be able to vote again.

All of them were really good but /san Andreas was the best and realistic.

because san andreas was the newest.......

San you can do the most stuff but I liked GTA3 because it was simpler and easyer than GTAVC and GTASA.

GTA3 was fun. Rockstar should remake it with bikes.

they had "bikes" do you mean the most basic type...

They didn't have bikes in GTA3 only cars Vice was the first to have them. It would be cool to be able to have all types of bikes motor and pedle(sp).

yea yay i havent been away 4 a while but yea i reckonm 3 is da best and liberty city stories should be even betta cos it has clothes change and bike!! great remake of GTA3 GUYS!! :D