Actually using the HDD


you guys do know you can use the hdd to store your games/movies/music and many other things right? I have about 6 games on my hdd, download and burn games to DVD's and play em w/ out a modchip etc... if you would like to know how to do this lol just reply and ill help ya out, havnt been here in a while :D

I didnt know if it had been posted here anywhere or not. well yu need to put an exploit on your memory card, and your going to need a psx trigger disc, and i recommend using codebreaker or actionr eply with usb support and using a flash drive to transfer the files from compuer to ps2, its flawless using it. if you want u can just tell me your ps1 game, and ill make you the files to put o ur memory card, or i can give u the programs and you can give it a try, either way its up to u. once you have this stuff get back to me and ill help ya out ;)

You can do something very simular for the xbox using a memory basically load evolution X or whatever on it and run from there rather then modding it.

There are other way to load the exploit onto your memory card in the PS2. Such as making a DVD and loading the information to your memory card via it.