What game got you addicted to video games


Just as the title says...What game got you started. This assumes you play a little more then the average person does. It means you're a "true" gamer in the sence of all the time and devotion you put into your gaming. So lets hear what got you guys started. Your "entry game" ;)

For me it was Wolfenstein 3D.
I remember making maps for it with WolfEdit way back when. Ya sure I had the original Nintendo unit with Mario/duckhunt, but when I played that it was more of a liesure thing.


probably Perfect Dark (n64) or Return To Castle Wolfenstein (PC)

yeah, im a late bloomer, but i still play doom2 and quake online :D

For me, I think it was saga,lol. When i was 6

Sonic The Hedgehog 1 , 2 Sega ^_^ it brings back so much memories

QUOTE: Sonic The Hedgehog 1 , 2 Sega ^_^ it brings back so much memories
Same here mate lol

For me What got me started in games in genrel was Airborne Rangers for the Commodore 64(No I'm not old i'm only 18, my uncle gave it to me when i was 7)
But what really got me hooked was Metal Gear Solid for NES.

Medal Of Honor and GTA San Andreas.

[QUOTE]Medal Of Honor and GTA San Andreas[/QUOTE]

are those the first games you played?

Also I forgot about Halo.

halo..... in need of xbox..... *drools*

QUOTE: halo..... in need of xbox..... *drools*

It is for pc and I mean the first halo.........

Halo was the first game you EVER played that really got u into video games?

and thats correct...halo 2 is not available for PC and may never be. Bungie has not released an official statement about that yet.

the first one that got me hooked was epoch's GALAXY II almost 25 years ago ( yeah , i'm old ) . i still have it and it still works , i just play it once in awhile when the nostalgia hits me .
for a picture of the thing :

Wow very old school looking, but looks like it would be addictive too.

The super mario games on the SNES.. or the Tekkens... GTA Got me running back for more ^_^

ahh thats the old cool stuffi never was really intersted in mario though

QUOTE: Wow very old school looking, but looks like it would be addictive too.
it was in many respects a copy of space invaders . with a little extra : beetween certain waves of ennemies , a part of the little ship ( i guess it was suposed to be a ship :p ) was going to the top of the screen then coming back to the bottom while going from one side of the screen to the other at the same time and you had to catch it . it was a great game for the time and got me hooked , along with a few of nintendo's game & watch the following year , until in 1982 when i got the atari VCS 2600 .

twised meatal 2 for da ps1 i got so addiced to that.

They're was a new AoE shown at E3 this year. Looks sweet :)

It was the original Doom on my brothers laptop, back in the late 80's / early 90's that did it for me. Everything computer related from then on!

Please say if youve played this too...my mate had it and id go round every day to play it :) Hero quest...cant even remember what console i was so young but you had to put the casstte tapes in :) awesome fun!

The original Sim City on MAC did it for me! I spent an entire summer, every waking moment I wasn't in class or doing homework, playing it. Had an absolute blast!


Great comments, i agree with all of them

Half Life 1, great fps ever if you ask me. Outstanding story, great puzzles, nice level design.