Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines


Anyone try this game yet?

I've only played about 3 hours worth of the game. Looks like they did some decent work in some areas...I like the "place" they give you to live in. Very homly :) but im dissapointed that you cant interact with more objects....Also dissapointed with the gameplay itself...I think the original ones style was easier and a little more fun. Graphics are better, but even on high settings, it doesnt appear to be as good as in the trailers I had seen for the game.

Big downside thus far is the fighting...I'm probably more into the Diablo type mass killing sorta thing, but I havent faced very many enemies...This game plays a little more like running errands for grandma.

Anyone else have an opinion on it?

Ive played this and like yourself it was only for a few hours...did you do the haunted house though? man ive nver been creeped out by a game before!..could be the surround sound and a little girl whispering behind you every 10 seconds though,head jumping out at you in the washing machine was a nice touch too hehe...but it just didnt feel like an improvement on the old one...true graphics were alot better but remake one with the same 'dungeon siege view' like the old one today and they could do alot better...but we shold give it a try im sure the story would be as strong as the old one


sorry...i dont know......