S.W.A.T 4 online Co-Op being planned


Hello everyone. Just a quick heads up to say I'm going to be hosting a SWAT 4 server, Co-op game type.

I will also be using a few additional downloaded maps, of which I can provide the download links for.

Anyone interested, reply here! (i.e Funk.. and Land... you know who u are!) ;)

Please note, I may be password protecting the server initially so that invites through VF.net get priority, so if you don't show an interest here, you may not get in.....

Also, landreith and I are forming a new SWAT 4 clan, called B.T.A.U ... anyone interested in joining / helping out, feel free to contact me. Bonus for anyone who can guess what B.T.A.U stands for! Funk... you interested?

Yeah count me in buddy...for Co-op and the clan could be a laugh! ill keep watching this space for more :)

Oh one more thing...i D/L the link for Quick missions where do i extract to in the SWAT directory,cheers

Hey Funk. Good stuff, should be a laugh!

As for the quick missions... they should be in a *.pak file, correct?

If so, you need to put them in the "SWAT4/Content/Scenarios/" directory in the game.

If you want to send me the PAK files for any good Quick Missions you find, I'll run the server with them (I think thats possible anyway...)

Oh and another thing, i've added you to my MSN using the email address you signed up here with, do you use MSN ?

- EDIT Ignore that MSN bit, I see you've signed in!

hey murdo and funk :)

let me know wen your playing il come running

il add you funk soon :) msn that is

Right, my server will be started tonight, 9pm GMT (just over 7 hours from now....)

Let me know the following:

A) Any Rule Preferences you would like
B) Any Maps / Quick Missions you can Recomend (inlcude download link or attach files here!)

See you online! (Anyone wanting to join other than Landreith and Funk, get in touch with me and I will give you the server details)


yeah..yeah.............. :cool: :cool:

lol.. did you see when I posted that? Long time ago mate.

Now I run a clan which features Joint Operations, Rainbow Six: Lockdown and Rainbow Six: Vegas!