Guild Wars


Guild Wars

I'm gunna get this game the day it comes out! now i have to wait till October but it's worth it, it's a MMORPG but with no monthly fee, it's from some of the blizzard developers, well anyways the game looks sweet and it's a game build for clans

Sounds interesting...Do they have a URL?

I assume these are the blizzard developers that upped and left when some stuff went down a while back? Cant remember the whole deal, but I remember being on their side.

Yea i also saw the gae in a pc-magazine i bought. I think it'll rock when it's released. NO MONTHLY FEE's!!! If it also has a bit of good gameplay it can be the game of the year:p

I still dont think anythings gonna top HL2, so we'll see about that one...still looking forward to this tho....It might not even be released till 2005 if the date is set back till october as it is.

i'll wait if i have to, but i hope it doesn't get pushed back anymore

did any of you play it during E3?

it was sweet, and for the amount of people on it i am suprised at how well their servers handled it

Good game and all but World of Warcraft has been under development longer than that and will probably top the for game of the year. I do like that game though. I played the Alpha when they had beta going for e3.