Gamecube= Sxsuperstar


hey does anyone here other than me have the game SX SUPERSTAR? if you do post anything about it and post a answer in my poll :eek:

I answered Driving/racing...but i only like those games on a console....and my console of choice is xbox, not gamecube....on the PC i prefer FPS.....RPG games i'll go either way, but ultimatly prefer them on the pc.

i didn't want the gamecube but it was forced on me. i'd rather have a xbox or PS2 any day!!!! :p


gamecube > blakey32

ps2=good for ddr
xbox= well i guess if you want halo.... though its only a sub par game once you get the pc version

yeah get what every1 is saying gamecube sux and ps2 or xbox rule. but i am possibly getting a second hand(cousins if you want to know) with a stack of games for each!!! so i can drop the GC rubbish and get into some good games... SEE YA

gamecube is not rubbish, it is your master!

ps2 - long load times, lots of generic fps and racing games
xbox - the same, but with "better graphics" (not)

the gamecube has the BEST games, it might not have the most but as i say
Quality over Quanitity

in otherwords sony and microsoft stop chucking out generic racing/fighting/fps and give me something i can sink my teeth into, because i've loved nintendo as long as i can remember

now if you excuse me im off to play some 4 swords.

Only game I want to play on the GameCube is Mario Kart Double Dash....

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: : :confused: quit confusing me :confused:

i'd have to agree but sometimes the games are tottaly of track and pointless! like one game i have i might just sell it cos it's off track. all you do is ride around on a moto and stack win stack win stack win lose lose get dumped by girlfriend(in real life cos she ses you a PC nerd etc.) stack win etc..