Game Review Tropico Mucho Macho Edition.


Well here's another game that's been out for a long time now.

Tropico is a island sim city kind of game. There are a wealth of missions open to the player from military to economic and tourism. But this game isn't limited to that there is a random island generator where the player can select from vegetation, elevation, water coverage, starting population and even mineral amount. Then you can pick general game play for your island political environment economic difficulty random event occurrence's to the amount of time that you will rule this can be from 10 to 70 years. You also select from the different victory options available to either make your people happy build a economic power house build up your own retirement fund or just play to your hearts desire in a open ended game. Also open to you are special game rules making your people rebel against you more if they are not happy to free elections to far away place. After you finish with your island generation plan time comes to select your dictator. You can simply go though each person and pick one with out change or you can go though and change them in any way you see fit or just create a dictator in your image. You chose from a list of choices in background, rise to power, traits and flaws. What you chose affects how your game will run as people on the island are divided into factions Military Religion Communist Capitalists Intellectuals and Environmentalist. You also must build to support your island with farms to feed the people and get your economy moving to factories to bring in the big bucks and many other building to support your government and provide infrastructure and make your people happy. As for online play Tropico is lacking. Though all round Tropico is a good game that you can play something new on every time and with catchy spanish music you'll becoming back time and time again. Though Tropicos graphics could use some improvement they aren't too bad. Tropico is a must play for all sim city lovers.

I give tropico a 8.8/10

Gameplay 10 Sound 8 Interactivity 9 Graphics 7 Replayability 10

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Wow, game interface looks strikingly familure.


thank you very much...... :o :o :o