best shooter?


well i'm getting a new computer in like 1-2 weeks so i'm gunna set up a few servers, they won't be running at the same time, only when me and some guys at a sports site i go to play, i'm wondering wut everyone's favourite shooter is?

i have:

Ghost Recon(only have Desert Seige exp)
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
NHL 2004
Counter Stike(unintalled, don't like it that much)

Might be getting:

Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword(ex. pack for RS)
Hitman Contracts
Halo 2
Star Wars Battlefront
Tribes: Vengeance
Unreal Tournement 2004
Call of Duty

I don't have one of those games :p

EDIT - please check forum rules

why do i have to check the forum rules??? What's wrong with my post??? I just posted that i haven't got those games :confused: :confused: :confused:

u were asking for a CD key to be distributed for your use, which for all technical purposes is illegal...its in the talk about cd keys what so ever (legal issue with our servers)...sorry

oh lol sorry didn't remember. I'll think about it next time :D :D :D :D :D

dude r u out of ur mind?! UNREAL TOURNAMENT GOTY is the way to go!! u should get it. besides...nobody plays HALF-LIFE THE GAME ITSELF but a lot of peeps play Counter-strike. that game kicks ass.

I dont know if anybody has ever heard of a game called HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC 3 or 4....(3 is personally better), this game is a REAL strategy game. its kinda like WAR CRAFT, but u have to take turns ( meaning u have limited movement ). so u should defenitly get it if u like strategy games.

ok......if anybody knows how to start ur own personal server without having llllllaaaaaggggggg on it please help me cause every time i try to start a server everybody's ping goes up to like 250!!! if anybody know how to make it better please help....

Most games require a T1/T3 line if you want to support 8 players or more. Some high end DLS lines can handel it as well, but its rare to find good ones. If your on low speed DSL or cable, you at best might be able to support 4-8 ppl at an average speed.

ya thats wat i thought. also, u can buy or rent servers, but it cost money. i have SBC Yahoo DSL, its not T1 or T3 but its pretty damn fast. its faster that some cable companies like COX.....heh

Halo 2 is going to be insanely fun when it come out

i say reinstall counterstrike, then go into c:\sierra\counter-strike and delete the folder "cstrike"

instead download a mod called "the specialist" , its a bad-ass multiplayer fun deathmatch

you get all sorts of pistols and automatic weapons to choose from, even a katana and combat knives, and then of course the best part
Kung Fu.

its essentially a matrix ripoff without the matrix, (well, other than a few themed maps and some player models)
its got all the good stuff, the kung fu, the bullet time, time freeze, 2x fire, inf ammo, and super jump powerups

then its got the stunts, ohh boy are they cool, hit the stunt button and depending on how much your carrying you do stunts, dives, wall flips, sliding
(did i mention you get bonus frags for stunt/sliding/kungfu/knife kills?)

its good fun all around for the whole family, unless your a sissy
9 outta 10 in my opinion

Darkcyde: do u know the offical link to that mod? Might take a look at some screenshots ect and try it out.

thnx, looks rather nice, I'll give it a go this week sometime prob. def Matrix style in there.

In my opinion the best shooters, are Counter-Strike, Quake III Arena, UT2k4 and Medal of Honor, Also Day of Defeat or Wolfenstein. You can get any of those games for free/multiplayer demo and host servers with demo. It's just as good as full game ceptno single player, you'll have to d/l the single player game. I personally love Counter-Strike. If you made a 24/7 server with a good name and good maps such as, de_dust2, cs_assault, cs_assault_upc, de_aztec and maybe de_dust it will be really popular. I hope that would help. Also UT2k4 gets good servers.

I think its all of the Medal Of Honor series.

i love SW battlefront . great game . any of the battlefield games ( 1942 and vietnam ) is also a great game , especialy with the galactic conquest mod .


I dont need !!!!!