Trainer Makers Recruitment


What were looking for on my site is tools to help others cheat online and offline on games like Command and Conquer generals/zero hour, diablo 2, World Of Warcraft, Call of Duty..ETC...basicially any game you can make one for.

We want trainer makers, and people who can find exploits, etc for games...Also, anyone who is able to make no-cd cracks would be welcomed as well. is my site, we have around 7000+ members..and a pretty active forum..

If your interested just pm me on msn under [email protected]


Trainer makers....better known as programmers ;)

What language or software package were you looking to use to make these in.

doesn't matter to me as long as it works..

Just need people to create trainers no cd cracks etc for my long as it has on the trainer for advertising pyurposes don't care what language..

In regards to the trainer recruitment will you also be excepting trainer requests as i am not able to find a trainer for Boiling Point v2 and was looking to get one made?