TacOps MOD for UT v436


Has anyone ever heared of the game TacOps: Assault on Terror? Well, there is MOD that lets you get that game for free. This MOD is a UT MOD.(You have to have UT v436 in order to installl this MOD). This game is pretty much CS. Some people say that CS ripped off of TacOps, but i think thats bull. This MOD is not very famous but people do play it. So if you have UT v436, you can install this MOD for free!
You can get it either from Fileplanet, or other places that i dont know about.


Hey Boba, well euhm TacOps or Tactical Operations is accually allready a very old mod from UT. Here in Europe it is accually a well known mod for UT.
It is kind like CS but the graphics are better. The gameplay is pretty much the same. Buy weapons and kill the CT's or T's. So TacOps is a rip-off from CS. In fact it is the same game but CS has the gameplay and TacOps has the Graphics.
Btw you can also buy the game as stand alone version, so without UT. I bought it 2 years ago, so it is allready a very old mod :p


tacops is to UT what cs is to half life

they both are CT mods, both available retail
except in tacOps case, the stand alone is cheaper (you can usually find it for maybe 5 bucks, whereas UT is 10)

i wouldnt say the graphics are better, kinda on the same level with CS
the one thing i like more about tacOps though is that the terrorists can move hostages, and the blood trails are great too

but sadly i traded in my copy at EB for like 2.50 store cred, which i spent twords freedom force, a much better investment :D

oh yeah....my clan *M.F.I.A* kicks ass.
if you are good...i might recruit you. im ranked like number 2 in my clan and its the largest clan in TacOps :p