Spiderman 2 *no spoilers*


i thought it was pretty good, better than the first by far
more action, more story, better acting, and a guest appearance by the big man himself, Bruce Campbell (good, bad, he's the guy with the gun)

what are all of your thoughts on it?

I haven't seen it yet, but I am really looking forward to it and I will let you know what I think when I do see it....... glad to be hearing good things about it though =)

The main character (forgot his name) was on Jay Lenno last nigh. The guy is pretty funny and humble at the same time. By the clip they showed, it seemed like they did a lot of post work with the graphics. VERY nice. I'll be seeing it soon.

i havent seen the 2nd spiderman film as it hasnt been on general release over here in england,. but i wasnt very impressed with the firs film,.not that it was a bad film,.i just didnt warm to it at all,.i like the cartoons a lot better,. apparently toby maguire has signed to do 7 spiderman films altogehter,. bring on the Kingpin ,that what i say

DAMN 7! did you read that from somewhere? what source?

it was in a national newspaper that is published over here,.they were doing a special cover of all the cast and the spiderman films.

7!! really... i think that 3 maybe 4 is enough. but 7 is way too many. I know that Kirsten Dunst had a contract for like 4 yrs i think. She said that on the show The View. But who knows..

brandy brandy brandy...easy with the pink....it doesnt work on the white background :p

I think spderman 2 was tight. Way better graphics and story than the first one. I really did not mind the first one though.

Well...I think its a little bit to short for my liking :O (nearly completed it)

The movie did seem short, but any movie that grabs like that seems short.
I am just waiting on 3.

I really enjoyed the movie, I also liked the first one a lot..... but I like the song vindicated from the soundtrack even more! hehe :p