Piracy, leaks, ID and Valve


Doom3 has been leaked onto the net apparently,.from what i can gather, its not neccessairly a leak either, a store in the states has been selling copies ahead of schedule, and people have been uploadin it, bittorentt is going mad for it apparently,. can see the same thing happening with HL2 as well,. the best price in the world is !free! but, i cant see how companies can keep going in the next decade or so, especailly as piracy seems to be getting to a alarming %, i know all these big companies are really rich blah blah, but there has to be a point where they are going to have to rethink the anti-piracy measures, i have downloaded games before,.and not bought them, but i have gone out and bought a few that i really liked,. whats every1 elses few on the whole situation....

The part of the gaming industry that wont suffer at all from this are the MMORPG's. Montly fee games. They overprice their inital software tho too. That could use a drop. Generally providing a GOOD multiplayer experience with campaign games should encourage people to buy. Like Vavle with HL...you can pirate the SP version but its nothing like the MP version. I doubt they're suffering in revenue cause its not like you can log on steam without a proper key. Frankly companies like that with good games and at least a satisfying SP campagin will outlast the others....theres WAY too many crappy games out right now, and I really wouldnt mind seeing them go. Prob why people are ripping them off. They had a discussion about this on techtv a few weeks ago. Quality/Replayability vrs Quantity....If you ask me it comes down to quality...the best will survive IMO.

there was a doom3 leak a while ago

is it the same thing? or an updated leak....?

the only games i've downloaded are old and 10$ max (dukenukem 3d, old stuff like that - abandonware)

though i have downloaded two feature length movies (the rocky horror picture show, and fahrenheit 9-11)

im not a major pirater, except roms , i got plenty Of thems, NES, SNES, N64, GBA
im so ashamed :(

there was an article about the neogeo not too long ago at slashdot, about how they said that piracy was what killed it - within days of a games release roms would be everywhere and people would be playing it, but thats not the case with pc games and stuff

only a few (compared to the nation) people download illegal PC games, so really it is hardly damaging, more of a mosquito bite to big buisiness

The doom 3 leak was of the beta...this is the new "leak"...in which case if anyone has the final version on disk, its prob also being distributed on the net.

Ya, I agree with some of the piracy that goes on...stuff that you cant even buy anymore...so what are they loosing.

The truth is...if piracy didnt exist would the same people even be wasting their money on some of the titles they bother to download? I think not...I bet they'd only purchase 1/3rd of the games they d/l then...so once again these "huge" estimates of being ripped off I think are BS.

Most people I've known either d/led the game, played 1/4th through and tossed it or went out to buy it. I guess you can argue that thats what demos are for, but sometimes when i play demo that i know im prob gonna buy its like wasting your time...cause when u get the game again u need to start at zero again...poor excuse for anyone with time on their hands. Depends on the game as well and how long the demo is. Most of the time I cant get my demo RPG characters or FPS saves to work with full games after you buy it and pick up where you left off.