the obligatory "hi there" post


everyone else had one and i got jelous

so hi everyone

my name is Justin, i live in central texas, i most certainly do not like long walks on the beach, im wearing pants right now, im addicted to mountain dew, orange soda is ok too, i use commas way too much, i can tell the difference betweein to, too, and two, i m teh r0x0rz at Quake1, im pretty ok at DooM/DooM2, dont push any of your ps2/xbox crap around me (nintendo fanboy till the end)
*takes deep breath of air*
my favorite movie is the matrix, fav color is navy blue, im wearing my DeusEx2 preorder shirt, i recently bought total annihilation for 4 dollars (kick ass game), i play assorted FPS and RTS, mostly online, im on the computer alot, i get bored easily, i can tie my shoes, AND i change my underwear everyday

there, you all know me now! (we're like family... cmon over here and gimee a hug) white. LOOK under the Hi thread, im there.

lol, thats the most detailed description anyones ever written...and the only one thats cracked me up. Mountain Dew rules!
Also have u ever tried a racing game on one of the new consoles? I must say I agree with you for the most part on that, but I do enjoy stuff like Project Gothem Racing, Rally Sport 2, & Collin Mccoy Racing 4 (all 4 xbox). Other games, espeically FPS dont get much justin on those consoles...I do own the original nintendo as well.

yeah i've tried the racing games, and i just dont like them too much

fzero gives me the speed i need, i despise realism in a game, its an oxymoron
i've got an nes, but i lost my tv connector, too bad i cant use a SNES hookup like i do on everything else....

as for the FPS, i'll play the occasional halo, its good for a console shooter but the pc version is just a standard shooter, nothing special
and metroid prime beats its pants off
(wait till MP:2 with its multiplayer, and MP:hunters for the DS with WIFI)

If we are letting everyone know about ourselves.I'm fat and ugly. I love games, expecially playing Winnie the Pooh with my 5 year old.

I didnt know they had a Winnie the Pooh what the other staff would say if I asked about adding it to the network.