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Hi every1,this is my first post on this forum and i just wanted to say hello.
Heres few things about myself : i am solidsnake from Belgrade,yugoslavia for all those that doesnt know Yugoslavia is in Eastern Europe.
I love playing d2,tho i dont have original cd keys so i cant play on blizz realms.
Its not like i dont want to buy it,trust me I DO ,but i dont have where.
My country is quite poor and i cant find d2 anywhere here in Belgrade.
i play on Ender's Realm and my acc is also solidsnake.

Hi, how is yugoslavia any way I've heard that the area is unstable. Well if you ever need a potion or spell just ask me and I'll hook you up with something it may take a while I don't deal to well with reserection or reanamation so thoughs aren't on the list.