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Finally found an avatar I like ;)
Mostly just something until I make my own, but I thought peeps wouldnt mind the view...hehe

Nice! Though, I was hoping she would do a little more...


Needs to be kept PG-13ish or sponsors get mad ;)

I msut admit, yes I do indeed like that view ^_^

hehe, AlexM's is pretty funny as well. Saw that on a T-Shirt somewhere I think.

I got the idea for my avatar from an episode of The Simpsons...the comic book guy wears a t-shirt that says that. ;)


ahh, i c. I ment that I remember seeing someone wearing a shirt like that in public tho....Dont watch the simpsons...maybe thats why they were wearing it tho.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Matrix223
Dont watch the simpsons[/QUOTE]
PLEASE say you are kidding! :eek:

Oh well...the past two or three seasons have really sucked compared to the older ones...they've lost their "touch".


We'll I've seen the show before. Past g/fs ect have watched and I happen to catch a few episodes here or there. There are very few shows I actually sit down to watch. Much to busy to keep up with any of them...find I'm always missing episodes, and then im left wanting to know what happens (which just gives my already long list of d/ls another que to see the ones I've missed) Its not a bad show by any means....just not worthy of my time when its being shown :D

No one particular, just found the image on the net somewhere, cant remember where.

i thought she was matrix gf at first, wonder what his gally thinks of that girl on there, LOL

D ReaLeZ KiLLa: doesnt exist...he was joking

My girl hasnt seen it and hardly keeps up with what im doing with site work ect...She's not tech savy at all...doubt shed really care anyways cause I have chick posters in my room and she hasnt complained enough to get them down.

lol you have a cool gf :p
btw finally someone that understands that i was joking :p about the thing :p


I'm stuck on how to add an avatar. :eek:

Just go to User CP and then Edit Avatar and you can add one.

I just read this convo and realized that I was in it...... yep my b/f is right I am not the smartest when it comes to this computer stuff so I humor him mostly when he tells me about his site stuff, but don't get me wrong I am very proud of him. And as far as the chick in the pic goes I don't care cuz I know he likes my body also! hehe =)

awwwww, thanks hun :) you are too sweet! hehe, I am waiting for some of the guys on here to read this stuff and give you crap! :p

QUOTE: I am waiting for some of the guys on here to read this stuff and give you crap! :p
*hovers mouse over ban button*....who wants some! :p

Haha you people are silly. :p

hey hunny...that's the cat killer *points at drat* hehe....sorry she was on the phone with me when u told me.....i had to explain why i was laughing so hard....tho that wasnt really funny, but to think how on earth that could ever happen :eek: ............................anyways..............poor kitty :(

Edit: How did this thread get so long from just posting on my new avatar :confused: :confused: :confused:

Let me explain it. We have kittens around the house right. And we leave them in the bathroom when we go places, well I went to blockbuster and my mom went to go bowling. When I got home I went to let my friend it yet he didnt come in cause he was on his cell. So I left him be on his phone and closed the door, but to my suprise the cats were out. INSTANTLY I had relized that I pinched the little kitten in between the door. I was so SAD :( .
It died instantly due to a broken neck. It's body still squrimed around as if it was still alive but it was not. image and no the kitten is not dead in this pic.

wow matrix=touchy person lol :D

ya, i was j/kin - am sad for your loss tho, im very much an animal alergic to cats tho :-\

i was j/p too. yeah but things happen and you have to deal with them. Atleast I didnt do it on purpose. :rolleyes:

Its pretty easy to make your own...looks like u got one now tho.

I'm a dog lover myself, i like kittens though, but once they grow up, out the door with them!(cats)

wait, why the hell did i say something about kitties?

oh well, looks ok, but the loop is a little useless, dontcha think? (he just twitches forever, would be much better if it was just a static image)

I made my own, after the very funny Eddie Izzard in Dress to Kill.

Seems like everyones getting into the Avatars all at one used to use the feature.

*bans everyone on the forum*
no I'M cool.......hello? hello? oh ya thats right

hehe :p

i thought i was banned.... :eek:
did this forum change to who is cool and uncool....?

i think it automatically goes without saying, if you regged for forum to make more than one post, you're awesome

LOL, alright, alright, everyone settle down, we all know that I'm the coolest individual here, I am glad that was cleared up :D :D :D :D

Since some ppl are retarded and thought I was a chick based on my sig...Ive finally changed it :)

kinda plain, but much more suiting :)

I've also expanded the size for avatars to 60x70.....or maybe it was 70x70...crap I just did it and forgot already...need to stop drinking.