jeeeez! I get sick for a week and all my scores get beat.... I will get them back :p I already got one back!

Hehe, sorry babe :p. Forum Arcade has become a little more popular.

babe..? i take it your dating :P

wait, being sick kept you off a computer? lol

when im sick its the only place im at!

QUOTE: babe..? i take it your dating :P
yep - we have a winner

Haha, no when shes sick she likes to come over to my place and give it to me.

wait a minute, you are the one who has gotten me sick twice since we started dating, so there :p hehe

she likes to come over to my place and give it to me

hahaha.. sounds wrong

hey i'm new to this forum so just checking out some stuff
sry if i beat ur records in the arcade (aka getting 109 in Juggler just then, sry Matrix =p)
i just hope browneyegirl gets better so i can get some challenge lol
most of the games on the forum i dont really care about, its tontie that i care about
no1 comes even close to my record so feel free to play it as much as u want

I hate to say it, but I've already gotten one of your scores down.

Trust me, it took a while since I forgot to hit 'submit.' :rolleyes:

You should know what kind of a ditz I am, right F.S.? :o

lol! yes I know you are ditzy, but so am I so its ok, thats why you are my F.S.!!! hehe and its on now with the duck hunt :p